Cartel Boss Retaliates with Murder (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 3/7)

ERICA HILL: Two more Americans
dead as a result of the violence in Mexico. Those victims gunned down this
week by drug cartel killers. MALE REPORTER: We’ve done a lot
of stories about polygamy and a lot of stories about
Mexican drug cartel violence. But we never imagined the two
topics would mesh like this in a very tragic way. SHANE SMITH: The freeing of
one of their own, by the LeBarons protesting in
Chihuahua, had sent a message to the narcos. They weren’t going
to back down. They weren’t going to submit. They were going to fight. But it didn’t take El
Rikin long to send a message right back. BRENT LEBARON: Yeah, this is
my cousin Benjamin’s home. SHANE SMITH: Right. BRENT LEBARON: This Rikin guy
actually ordered the hit on him because of a
stand he took. SHANE SMITH: He was a
serious criminal. I mean, famously he got caught
on the American side of the border dressed as Mexican
military, had a shootout with the border guards, and
then came back here. BRENT LEBARON: Yeah. SHANE SMITH: So they came
here to his house? BRENT LEBARON: Yeah. He showed up with 15, 20 guys,
two, three trucks, pickups. Benjamin and his family were
sleeping in the house when these guys come, surround the
house, breaking down his door, ended up breaking pretty much
most of his windows out. There’s still marks on the door
where they’re trying to bash in with guns, whatever
they had. Those are sledgehammer marks. At that point, they had
threatened his family with a hand grenade. SHANE SMITH: So they said they’d
blow up the family with a grenade unless
he surrendered? BRENT LEBARON: Unless
he opened the door. And so he opened the door. At that point, his
brother-in-law, Luis, came over to see what was going on. He literally showed
up in sandals. He came to the rescue. He was an innocent bystander. SHANE SMITH: So he came here
barefoot with no gun– BRENT LEBARON: At all. SHANE SMITH: –against guys
who are armed with machine guns and grenades? BRENT LEBARON: Yes. But they beat him and picked him
and Benjamin up, and took them about 2 miles down the road
here, and shot them both, and left them on the
side of the road. SHANE SMITH: So because El
Rikin put the hit out on Benjamin, it put enough domestic
pressure here that they would offer him up to the
American authorities for the Mexican incident where he was
dressed as the military with the border police? BRENT LEBARON: Very much
so, very much so, yeah. Because I don’t think they had
enough here to hold him here. So they actually shipped
him to the US. SHANE SMITH: And although El
Rikin was extradited to America for his firefights with
the border patrol, none of the other 20-plus men
involved in this double homicide have ever
been convicted. But the LeBarons
wouldn’t quit. In fact, Julian LeBaron,
Benjamin’s brother, has since taken up his dead sibling’s
mantle of activism. JULIAN LEBARON: The main thing
is we want to be respected. In Mexico, nobody’s respected. We’re not respected by the
criminals, and we’re not respected by the government. This is for messing
with [INAUDIBLE] people or some stupid shit. I don’t remember what it was. And that’s where they
found them. They shot them four times
in the head each. SHANE SMITH: Shit. JULIAN LEBARON: I think that
most of us felt really thankful that we found them,
because sometimes they’ll take them and torture
them to death. People from our neighboring
communities participated in this murder. Those are some of the
people that are involved with this shit. SHANE SMITH: Really? Those guys are bad boys? SHANE SMITH: Jesus Christ. I thought you guys
were friends. JULIAN LEBARON: 10 children
under the age of seven were left orphans when that
happened that night. My brother and his
brother-in-law, they were some of the most valuable people
in our community. This can never acceptable,
never. Because if this is acceptable,
there’s no future left. The community, initially, what
we said is, for every person they kill from our community,
we’ll kill 10 of them, because we know who they are. And then we said, well, that’s
not a solution because then you become just like them. SHANE SMITH: So the sun
was going down. It was getting a little
bit late. And the LeBarons told us that
we should get back to our hotel before it got dark. We are going to a hotel that’s
actually in the LeBaron colony, which hopefully will
a little bit safer. But after you hear stories
like that, you just can’t believe the fear of violence
that these people live under every day. It makes you paranoid to
hear stories like that. So we’re going to go to our
hotel and lock ourselves in. MALE SPEAKER 2: When it came
to them now kidnapping our family members, that what
we took a stand against. MALE SPEAKER 3: We have illegal weapons in our community. Come in and find them
if you want. MALE SPEAKER 4: When it comes
to protecting our family, if we have to die doing
it, we’re going to.


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