Can Diet Cure Autoimmune Diseases?  Dr Michael Greger

Can Diet Cure Autoimmune Diseases? Dr Michael Greger

Autoimmune diseases are when your immune system, which normally defends your body against disease, decides your healthy cells are foreign and attacks those cells. It’s been said that over 50 million Americans are affected by an autoimmune disease and there are as many as 80 different types of these diseases. The Common ones are rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, lupus, multiple sclerosis some forms of Osteoarthritis, celiac disease, vitiligo, scleroderma, Psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel diseases, such as colitis and Crohn’s. To learn about how autoimmune diseases occur in the first place check the description below for links to Dr. John McDougall’s fantastic talks and articles on the subject it’s absolutely fascinating. The current medical treatment for most autoimmune diseases, focuses on relieving symptoms, because they subscribe to the belief that there’s no curative therapy. However, I recently heard a fantastic excerpt from Dr.Michael greger on this very subject and here’s what he had to say. So autoimmune disease are inflammatory diseases and plant foods are not only antioxidant rich but they’re also anti-inflammatory so eating a whole food plant-based diet has been proven to reverse a variety of inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Very effective in combating even osteoarthritis which has an inflammatory component lupus a horrible autoimmune disease. So it hasn’t been tested against Sjogren’s disease or been tested against a bunch of different autoimmune diseases, but based on its effectiveness towards rheumatoid arthritis And I have a bunch of videos about that showing these dramatic improvements literally within weeks of changing one’s diet. In multiple sclerosis That’s also an autoimmune disease where your body attacks your nerves. There’s a diet, that’s been found more effective against Ms than any Surgical or any drug in history it’s called the swank diet named after a prominent neurologist Dr. Roy Swank, S-W-A-N-K It is a plant-based diet, low in saturated fat. He put people on it and followed people not for like three months or three years But has like you know thirty year follow up Here’s the 50 year follow up, of what happened to these patients. So absolutely remarkable results the most powerful intervention for multiple sclerosis is diet, but it’s not one food it’s not one Magic Bullet the entire diet and Unfortunately these studies show that people went off the diet because they felt so much better All of a sudden they’re out of their wheelchairs no symptoms they’re cured. No you can eat whatever you want, and then a few years later They’re dead because they went back to the original diet and MS flared up and horrible things happened. Crohn’s disease the most powerful intervention for Crohn’s disease. Is it steroids? Is it surgery? No, the most powerful Relapse preventing therapy to date in the medical literature is a plant-based diet. So same thing with MS. In MS and Crohn’s the best thing we have is diet, and the reason doctors don’t tell people with those conditions to eat healthier is either they don’t know that weren’t taught about it, or they Patronizingly think well my patients won’t do it. You know, they’re like oh, I know my patients They’re not gonna eat [that] they’re not gonna eat this way They’re not gonna change the diet if you know someone suffering with an autoimmune disease why not share this video with them? Have you yourself seen an improvement of an autoimmune disease going on a plant-based diet? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts hit that like button and subscribe for more videos [you] can find me on Instagram @ 80/10/10 in [London]. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time


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  • I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 21, was put on colitis medication for life. I switched to plant based diet and am completely off of my medication and experience no symptoms pertaining to colitis symptoms.. I am now 23

  • I have rheumatoid arthritis crohns disease osteoporosis.iv removed dairy and lactose away from my diet 4 weeks ago. I have never felt so good

  • I have crohns, i have a very sensitive gut lining with sores and i get pain when i eath fruit and vegetables, so what should i do?

  • It's really confusing, I have vitilogo, and I started the AIP diet two month ago and now I'm on keto, my discoloration started to blend and original color is coming back gradually. So I'm confused to see comments of people gone vegan and treated their disorders, despite the danger of gluten, I think that a high carb diet is bad for your gut, and your whole body.
    What I'm sure about now, according to what different people following different diets report, I can say that diet is not a one-size-fits-al!

  • I went on a whole food plant based vegetarian diet one year ago. And i switched to full vegan a few months ago. My thinking is clearer. My attitude is better. I feel better. I lost 50 pounds in the first 8 months. Thank God.

  • Not a lot of information. Will take you through step by step.
    Step 1. Strengthen the stomach in order to be able to absorb nutrients. Salt food liberally with himalayan pink rock salt which has 84 essential nutrients. Also supplement with calcium. Can get calcium from eggshells. Boil 10 minutes and pound into powder. Add to food or put in salt shaker with pink salt.
    Step 2. The human body requires 60 minerals daily. unfortunately our soil is depleted of minerals . In order to get these minerals it is necessary to get wood ash from an ancient area which has sediment from ancient volcanoe.Sieve the ash and store in jars. Use half teaspoon ash , half teaspoon black seed oil and one teespoon honey daily morning and night. Black seed oil (nitella sativa) has been shown to cure 97% of ailments including aids.
    Step 3 . There are many foods which cause inflamation and free radicals which cause many problems to our health . It is very important to eliminate foods which cause inflamation. Any oils including extra virgin olive oil. Never never use oil in any way because it has been oxidised and is free radicals .only use 1 teespoon black seed oil and that's it. We will still get free radicals into our bodies from the enviroment and to combat this problem drink green tea and honey morning and night .
    Step 4 absolutely never never never eat anything with glutin. NEVER NEVER EVER. Barley , wheat rye and oats. The human stomach cannot break these down to a manageable size to comfortably digest . By eating these products will lead to the deterioration of the villi in the lower intestine which processes our food. Every ailment known to man will become a product of eating this posionous food . SUICIDE. Is what it is. A biproduct of modern production of flour is a thing named ALLOXAN . The only thing that Alloxan actually does is casuse DIABETES2. NEVER NEVER EVER eat anything or feed this poison to anyone especially your children because now you know that you are actually KILLING them . NOW NOW spend the next most valuable 30 minutes of you life and watch Dr Peter Glidden " 12 foods you should never eat" This man is a protege' of Dr Joel Wallach. Absolutely the most learned man in health and how the human body works . Am hoping that even one person gets benefit from this information. Honestly there is no mystery to health. WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO . We have been and are being scammed RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH ps. if you have a dog feeling down then by all means give them ash black seed oil and honey in their food and be amazed almost immediately.

  • I don't have enough money to be fleeced by Doctors. My hands hurt as did many other parts of my body couldn't grip well. Felt like I couldn't go on much longer. I on the starch solution diet and in less than a week I felt much better. I keep getting better. Thank you Dr Mcdougall.

  • Eczema gone. My other health issues are still there as they are genetic and have no cure but eating this way helps, not cures, but helps.

  • johnny102marvin says:

    Doctor Greger also has a video out recently showing the research that eating to much salt ruins our natural bacterial flora in our gut and this salt causes our immune system to over produce T 17 immune cells and these cells in turn attack our own tissues. So, the other element concerning auto immune disease is to much SALT. There is no scientific evidence that ties a link between high salt ingestion and multiple sclerosis, asthma, osteoporosis, arthritis, and even dementia.

  • Why is there apparently evidence that a high fat, low carb, low protein vegan diet also seems to have the same benefits? (As long as protein is 6 to 10% (low), but either high fat or high carb, not both a high carb high fat diet. Is it because insulin is controlled better with either of these diets?

  • saima farheen says:

    Can I be able to fold my legs and hand by whole food plant based diet. I have rheumatoid arthritis since 15 years

  • Robert Davidson says:

    Maybe BUT greens and night shade foods are said to INCREASE. Symptoms in autoimmune diseases do explain that?They are vegetables right?

  • I've got Diabetes Typ 1 since 15 years and switched to a vegan diet last year. In the first monthes the insulin intake gone down. But now, one year later i'm on the same medication. Still on a plant based diet. I'm not on the Swank Diet, but being vegan, there is a low intake of saturated fat. Also no animal protein, what causes the disease saying mc dougalls words.

  • Many people are discovering the diet our first parents were given in Genesis 1: 29 "All food generated by seed" is corrective for many of the ailments afflicting mankind. Consider what is not brought 'from seed'. This is not just animal- based foods, it is also salt. Also, some plants are not edible at all, such as betel nut and tobacco. A person who applies understanding to dietary intake will do better than the one who consumes in ignorance.

  • I have Myasthenia Gravis and need desperate help in addressing the disease. Has anyone cured them self and if so what treatment. Thank You!!!

  • Kevin & Faith Molino says:

    I had autoimmune hepatitis in 2016. My liver numbers were over 500 and doctors said I would have to be on high dose steroids the rest of my life, but Dr. Fuhrman told me to eliminate animal products and gluten and eat a high nutrient diet. In 2 WEEKS the new diet started reversing the damage. After 4 weeks my liver numbers were almost back to normal again. It works! I have had a healthy liver ever since except for the time I accidentally had 2 store bought smoothies with "whey" (milk product) in them. My liver numbers immediately started to get bad again! Don't cheat! It's not worth it! 🙂

  • No animal flesh, no sugar, no wheat…this also reverses the signs of aging including wrinkles and gray hair. Dr. Greger you're the best!

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