Boil These Leaves and Say Goodbye to Diabetes without Taking Any Medications!

Boil These Leaves and Say Goodbye to Diabetes without Taking Any Medications!

Boil These Leaves and Say Goodbye to Diabetes
without Taking Any Medications! Mangoes are extremely beneficial for your
overall health due to the high amount of nutrition it contains, and everyone loves it. Mangoes originate from India and you may find
extremely large areas where it grows, and then it is exported around the world. Mango leaves usually are treated as any other
leaves, but in fact they are extremely rich with vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, flavonoids
and phenols, and antioxidant properties. These are the main properties of the leaves,
but now we are going to present to you the medical importance of it:
1. Treating Diabetes (contain tannins and anthocyanins)
The mango leaves are very useful for treating diabetes. The tender leaves of the mango tree contain
tannins called anthocyanidins, which help in treating early diabetes. The leaves are dried and powdered, or used
as an infusion to treat the same. It also helps to treat diabetic angiopathy
and diabetic retinopathy. It also helps treat hyperglycemia. The leaves contain a compound called 3beta-taraxerol,
and ethyl acetate extract which synergize with insulin to activate GLUT4 and stimulate
the synthesis of glycogen. 2. Treats Restlessness
For people suffering from restlessness due to anxiety, the mango leaves provide a good
home remedy. Adding two to three glasses of mango leaf
tea to the bath water helps treat uneasiness and refreshes the body. 3. Lower Blood Pressure
These leaves help lower the blood pressure as they have hypotensive properties. They help in strengthening the blood vessels
and treating the problem of varicose veins. 4. Respiratory problems
You can use mango leaves in case you have problems with your respiratory problems. You will need to boil water, and then add
honey and mango leaves. Strain it and consume it to overcome problems
with cough or your voice. 5. Stops dysentery
You will need to use dried mango leaves (powdered) in order to prevent dysentery. Mix these dried leaves with water and consume
it for 3 days. 6. Burns
Mango leave are also great for treatment of burns. You will need to burn mango leaves and use
the ashes on the affected area. This will help you relieve the pain and it
will cure it fast. Feel free to use it on any area of your skin. 7. Ear aches
You can use mango leaves for treatment of ear aches. You will need to do juice extract from the
mango leaves and heat it. Use it as eardrop in order to relief the pain. How to Make Mango Leaf Tea
Ingredients: 3-4 mango leaves
Water Directions:
To start off, boil three to four mango leaves in a small pot of water. After it is finished boiling, let these leaves
sit in the water overnight, to maximize the amount of mango extract left in the water. Strain the leaves and drink the remaining
solution first thing in the morning. Drinking it on an empty stomach ensures that
you will absorb as much of the mango leave’s diabetes-fighting nutrients as possible. Last but not least, make sure that you share
this very useful information with your friends and family. You may help someone in need. Thank you and have a nice day!


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