Black Spot Rose Disease – Treatment | Die Black – Save Rose Plant

Black Spot Rose Disease – Treatment | Die Black – Save Rose Plant

First of all, you must know what actually
these black spots are. They are actually a fungal disease typically
caused from moist and cooler weather. Blackspot disease is one of the most common
diseases of rose bushes; and, if left unchecked, it can cause quite a bit of damage to your
rose plants. The causative organism is the fungus Diplocarpon
rosae. Black spot rose disease is characterized by
black spots on the upper side of leaves. This Fungus spreads quickly and can move from
plant to plant if intervention is not done quickly. So, these are the 5 important steps to control
black spot rose disease. 1. Location: Carefully Choosing Your Rose Garden
location is very important to prevent the development and spread of this fungus. Choose a location which receives Atleast 6-8
hours of direct sunlight and preferably morning sunlight is best so that the night time dew
dries out early. Also there should be enough air circulation
around the plants. 2. Soil: Water should not stagnate around the
plant at any cost. So make sure you have a well draining soil
for your potted plant. 3. Watering Frequency and method should be appropriate. Watering early morning is best way to prevent
fungus so that the leaves dry out quickly rather than leaving them wet overnight by
watering in the evenings. The first three steps I discussed are mainly
preventive measures and also a part of treatment of this black spot fungus in rose plants. Now moving on to the two most important steps
for actual treatment or the complete removal of this problem. 4. Pruning: If your black spot disease is not
so extensive, so soft pruning or remove only the affected leaves. Trim off all the affected leaves and branches
and keep them away and dispose them safely so that your other plants should not get infected. Better use a trash bag and dispose them. 5. Now before moving on to the actual remedy
for black spot rose disease, we should understand the pattern of this black spot or brown spot
rose disease: � They are Circular black spots or brown
spots on the leaves. � The lower leaves tend to be infected first,
and then it spreads quickly to the whole plant. � The leaves then turn yellow and fall off. � Then eventually the plant becomes weaker
and it either blooms less or stops blooming. Many recommend spraying with broad spectrum
chemical fungicides like imidacloprid, mancozeb which is a component of SAAF powder and other
like trifloxystrobin, Ziram, chlorothalonil and many others. Even Copper and Sulfur fungicides work great
for black spot rose disease treatment. I think you can reserve this if your conventional
organic treatment fails. What I recommend is an Organic Solution � that
is NEEM OIL SPRAY. 5ml neem oil in 1 liter of water weekly twice
for 2 weeks and then maintenance dose of atleast monthly once or once in 15 days. CHECK DETAILED VIDEO HERE : So, there we have it folks. That was a quick gardening tutorial on how
to cure black spot rose disease. Please gimme a thumbs up if you like the video. Share the video and comment your feedback
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