Björn Hall Stethoscope, What Is It and why is it so Good

Björn Hall Stethoscope, What Is It and why is it so Good

– The Björn Hall Stethoscope. What is it and why is it so good? (upbeat pop music) Hello my name is Jenny I am the owner and founder of Björn Hall Stethoscope. Now I’m a nurse perhaps just
like you watching this video and these are some of the
issues that I’ve discovered while using stethoscopes in my daily job. Ear tip comfort, now have you ever used the cheap stethoscopes
with the hard eartips that are made of plastic
and they just hurt your ears and you can’t hear a thing? Well I’ve designed three different sizes of eartips that will fit any ear canal. They are soft, comfortable,
and they create a great seal. When it comes to research
for the development of this stethoscope I bought and tired all of the major brands Littmann,
MDF, Adscope, Welch Allyn. I’ve been very particular when it comes to the weight in the
designing this stethoscope. Because a lot of nurses like me wear it around my neck all
day, but I did not want to compromise on the acoustics. So I’ve made the chestpiece
out of stainless steel and I’m proud to say that this stethoscope is the lightest stainless steel
stethoscope on the market. Acoustically this stethoscope is sound. I am proud of my creation
and I can truly say that I can’t tell the difference between my Björn Hall Stethoscope and a Littmann Classic III. Who knows a nurse with a bad back? Well I’ve designed my Björn
Hall Stethoscope long enough so that you don’t have
to strain your back. One thing I hate about
stethoscopes is the sticky tubing. You know when it gets caught in your neck or your neck hairs and it’s
just a bother to have there. I’ve designed my stethoscope
with smooth tubing and it glides over your neck
and it doesn’t get caught. With tubing you’re always gonna be worried about staining and marks of course. This is why I recommend that
you store your stethoscope in a stethoscope case
when you’re not using it. But you might be worried
about color transferring from your scrubs onto
your stethoscope tubing, what I can say is that I
wear dark blue scrubs at work and I’ve worn the
stethoscope around my neck for months and it hasn’t stained at all. As a standard feature of course, the chestpiece is turnable
and has a dot indicator to show you which side is active. The pediatric side can
turn into an open bell. Most major stethoscope companies either don’t give you enough spare parts or you have to opt in to
get them sent out to you, which is just a big hassle. I’ve designed a spare kit that has all the extra
parts you will need. Not only will you get the medium eartips that are already on the stethoscope, and the small and large diaphragm, you will get an extra
three sets of eartips small, medium, and large. An extra large diaphragm,
an extra small diaphragm, and a non-chill rim should you choose to convert your pediatric
side into an open bell. It comes in this cool little case that you can keep in your locker at work or in a safe place at home. You may notice that there
is a kink in the tubing just like this once you take it out of the box. Don’t worry it will go back to its natural straight state two
to three days out of the box. As a nurse this is my number
one tool in my tool belt. It has taken me a long time to develop, but I can say that I am so proud of my creation it has
helped me tremendously at work and I’m sure it’ll help you too. Thank you and as always
remember, listen with your heart. (upbeat pop music)


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