Björn Hall Stockholm Series Stethoscope Unboxing

– Hey hey, what’s up guys? Nurse Jenny here. The Björn Hall Stockholm
Series Stethoscope. The stethoscope that I’ve
designed myself from scratch. I’ve done the box, the inside,
the stethoscope, the insert, the spare kit, I’ve done all by myself and I’m super proud of it. It comes in this super
sleek nice-looking box. I’ve kept it really simple,
so it’s just white really, it’s got my logo Björn Hall
Stockholm Series stethoscope. so let’s open the box. Here we go, the stethoscope
comes just displayed like this inside the box really cool. To take it out you just pop
your fingers here on this side, pull it out, it comes out really easy and as you can see it is
wrapped around all the way and to get it out you
pull on the binaurals, unwrap it all the way, as you can see it is a little bit bent from
being wrapped around the box. Don’t worry about that,
after two three days, it will go back and be straight again, so don’t worry about that. This insert is divided in two pieces, you’ve got the spare kit,
the user manual in there. Now the spare kit comes
with three sets of ear tips, on the stethoscope you will
get a set of medium ear tips and then you will get an
extra large, medium and small. Doing a lot of this
research, I have found that of course everyone’s ear
canals are different, so I’ve included three extra sets, so you’ll never be short of ear tips and you get the spare
diaphragm, large, small and the (mumbles). So this little spare kit is really cool, you can have it in your bag
or in your locker at work and you’ll never be short of spare stuff for your stethoscope. The user manual comes in a little insert and I’ve also included
three different cards, so that’s the user manual and
then I’ve got a little card that says how it all began, it’s just a story about me, Björn Hall, why I’ve started it et cetera and a card that says
show us your stethoscope. That’s all about to see
you with a stethoscope, around your neck at work
or you know just using it in general and just hash tag Björn Hall Stethoscopes with that. The why we care and that’s
all part of giving back, so I wanna donate a
little bit of proceedings from every stethoscope into charity. Head to the website, you can
read more about that there. I have Björn Hall written
on the side of the ear tips and they’re super soft and squishy and the chest piece is of
course turnable plastic, you’ve got the on/off indicator, you’ve got Björn Hall
on all the diaphragms, chest piece has engraved
Björn Hall on it as well, Stockholm Series, Björn
Hall Stockholm Series. This is just the beginning
of many stethoscope designs that I have up here, but I would
love to hear what you think about the design, the box, everything and also I do run monthly
giveaways of loads of stethoscopes by including this one, so
if you want a chance to win, you can find the link for
that in the show notes, I have loads of nursing videos, other reviews of other
stethoscopes, so just hit subscribe, hit the bell button,
you will get notified. Thank you so much for watching my video and I’ll see you on the
next one and remember, listen with your heart. (upbeat music)


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