Baby Has Reflux – Two Major Causes are Antibiotics and C-Section ❤️

Baby Has Reflux – Two Major Causes are Antibiotics and C-Section ❤️

Hi, my name is Christian Bates. I’m an osteopath and naturopath and baby expert at The Perrymount Clinic, in Haywards Heath, and here, I want to bring you a top tip to help you and your baby. In today’s video, I’d like to talk a bit about reflux. It used to be that the most
common problem that babies come and see me was colic, and now it is actually
changed to reflux, and there’s two major causes. Either the babies had some
antibiotics early in around the delivery time, which we can correct with some
probiotics, and that really helps them, and the other one is if they’ve had a
c-section or a planned c-section, and as I mention in other videos, these babies
come out curled up in a tight ball like this. And you can imagine this baby
feeding and then, because their legs always come up, it ends up actually
just pushing the milk back up and then they’re very refluxy. And then you end
up going down the route of Gaviscon or ranitski, which does help, but it doesn’t help their legs continuously coming up like
this, and then the sick coming out. So, when you come in for a cranial treatment,
we’ll gently feel their head and check the tensions from the birth, but also
just go down the spine and allow the baby’s legs to straighten out, and their
parents always mention how much longer their baby looks. So, if you’ve got a
refluxing baby I recommend you come in and have a gentle cranial treatment. If
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    If your baby has reflux or reflux symptoms, have you considered taking it to a cranial osteopath? Check out this video and please leave a comment below.

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