AVG Antivirus para Android

AVG Antivirus para Android

Hello again, infonaut, welcome or welcome to a new delivery of your infoductive YouTube channel … this time we will see another antivirus for our Android device, this time we will see the free version of this year’s AVG 2018 antivirus I remind you that on your Android device either a mobile phone and a tablet you should not have anything more than an antivirus, it is more, even in any computer system you should only have a program dedicated to virus cleanup … interesting, right? We start! The first thing we will do is to enter our Google Play Store and put AVG … how you see the first match is what we are interested in here we have AVG free antivirus of 2018 take a look at the ratings … to the comments, to the section of more information since here you have detailed what components or options do you have the program … how do you see it has more than 100 million downloads, we give it to install, we accept the permissions … we are already installing it … We wait for it to finish, it is already beginning the installation, remember that as always you will create an icon shortcut on your device however, I will execute it directly from here when the buttons appear identify the icon this is also important so that later you do not lie at the time of look for it, even create in an initial screen an icon … we have here the button to open … it has already been installed … pulse on … here we have the AVG antivirus welcome screen and here we have the beginning of this antivirus We have here the button to start, you could take a look at the user license agreement and privacy policies … I give to start directly it has already been loaded how do you see an update button appears now that would be to move to the pro version but I in this case I’m going to use continue with ads so we’re going to see the free version and how you see is practically the same what we saw in the previous video we have here a great button to analyze by clicking on it, logically we will do the analysis We also have up here the possibility of opening the menu … here it is … the labels with PRO only work precisely with the paid version … As you can see there are many options and in the bottom part we can install other applications of this same brand … of AVG well, it works practically the same as the rest you see that there are a series of icons to free Ram and others … let’s click on analyze … we wait for you to check … at the bottom of the page, as is logical, we see ads it’s almost the same as Avast’s antivirus … it looks a lot like … I even think he’s giving me exactly the same ad … what he gave me in the previous video … good here you have to be patient remember that this will depend on the amount of applications you have and the volume of data to analyze we’re going for 74% … it’s over … has found 3 risks and effectively are the same 3 risks that Avast detected in the previous video: USB debugging, unknown sources and the SMS shield all right! … really this has no mystery is practically the same, clicking on any of them as you see leads us to the sections so that we deactivate any of these options that for safety recommends us to deactivate and in my case I do not deactivate them simply because I use this device to create the videos related to Android for the infoductive channel … Well, I hope you try it, that you leave me a comment, a Like and that you tell me if it has served you, if you liked it, anyway … Well that’s it… thank you very much for sharing my videos on your social networks, thanks for subscribing and for activating the notification bell … thank you very much for your comments and for your Likes … see you in a new installment of your infoductive YouTube channel … see you soon infonaut


11 thoughts on “AVG Antivirus para Android”

  • Hola Infoductiva , un gran video tutorial , como te veo muy puesto en todos los temas quería hacerte una pregunta ,el tema es que en mi tv box no me funciona el Netflix ni en mi móvil , y es que he leido por hay que Netflix a vetado algunos aparatos android , para que no se puedan ver , sabrías algo al respecto y si tiene solución? , llevo varias semanas con esto y no encuentro ninguna solucion.
    Un saludo.

  • Francisco Silva says:

    Esse app deixa o telefone lento além de ocupar até 500mb de RAM. Engana-se quem pensa que ele limpa a memória. Ficheiros inúteis continuam no sistema tendo que ser eliminados manualmente. Ele pára os aplicativos que voltam a funcionar imediatamente, não serve pra nada. E mesmo quando é desativado ele continua avisando que parou o tempo todo, atrapalhando o uso do aparelho. Não dá pra desinstalar porque é pré instalado no Xperia.

  • amigo ayudame con una pregunta yo ultimamente instale un juego pero no tiene virus ni nada pero la app avg me dice q es una amenasa dañaria mi cel

  • por fuentes desconocida ustd q me recomienda aun no veo fallas pero la app de antivirus esta pidiendo q desinstale

  • Amigo, una pregunta, yo tengo este antivirus, y muy seguido me aparece que mi teléfono tiene un riesgo, aunque lo soluciona, pero después lo vuelvo a checar el antivirus y me vuelve aparecer el riesgo y lo soluciona de nuevo, pero no me dice cuál es el archivo o aplicación tiene ese riesgo para poder quitarlo, pero no me aparece esa opción!! No sé si me podrías ayudar!

  • una pregunta al cargar me aparecia una pantalla de carga de avg pero ahora no como le hago para hacerla volver a aparecer

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