Avast Antivirus para Android

Avast Antivirus para Android

Hello again, infonaut, welcome or welcome to a new delivery of your infoductive YouTube channel … this time we’re going to start to see the available antivirus for your Android mobile device either to a phone or a Tablet … interesting right? We start! … we open our Google Play Store and we put Avast how do you see we already appear the Avast free antivirus for Android 2018 as you see they have more than a hundred million downloads score is quite good I recommend that you see the section of more information always to understand what it does and good is one of the best according to the comparisons that I have been able to read and see so let’s try it … let’s give it to install check all the permissions before accepting them … let’s wait for it to be downloaded … we have downloaded it now, its installation begins … I remind you that it is very important have an antivirus installed that is your trust, above all that is updated because if it is not updated it will not be much use since every day they appear new infections and new data that serve so that the antivirus can recognize these new viruses or those new threats … we already have it installed so we are going to give it to open … remember that you will create an icon of Direct access on your phone like any other application when we install it here we have Avast Mobile Security we give you to start … how you see here tells us that you have created a shortcut … press start as I was saying we wait for it to load and you’ll see that the interface is practically the same or very common to those that you have already seen in other antivirus in other security systems here welcomes us, gives us a green button to start with the Pro or in the lower part in gray it appears to start with safety Well let’s go reading this so you can see that it allows us to block and capture photos in case your phone is stolen … Our telephone … it also has application blocking … I recommend that you review carefully these sections so you understand everything the application can do photo store … well, no ads to remove third-party advertising … Well, let’s basically click in the link or the button under the green button … the green button would be to buy it all right? if you like and you are interested of course you can buy it but the idea is that first we test it we test it using that button that starts with safety … click on it and here we have Avast Security … as you can see there is a big orange button on the top that tells us to analyze Look for the threats right now and in the bottom we can free ram … we can clean garbage, analyze the wi-fi network and block applications as you see it has the PRO label click on start … we let you analyze our applications … as you see you have already found 3 risks the time that later will logically depend of the number of applications that we have on our mobile or on our tablet … note that as is the free version at the bottom we see advertising … this is normal… in fact if we had the pro version one of the things that are going to disappear are these ads … It is one of the justifications principal in principle without knowing the program to encourage us to buy the paid version Well, we already have 74% … as you see this is very easy to use basically click, start to analyze and when you have finished analyzing how this is the case, will give us different options to clean … different options that allow us to clean different aspects I found, as you see here it detects that I have USB debugging enabled and allows me ignore it or solve it … also the unknown sources I have enabled in this device but I will not solve it logically and finally the sms shield … It is very interesting I recommend you to try it and especially that you leave a comment a Like, I hope you like it, we will see you in a next delivery of your infoductive YouTube channel … see you soon infonaut


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