Avast Antivirus gratuito en español con licencia por año

Avast Antivirus gratuito en español con licencia por año

Welcome to your channel Tuttooffice What’s up friends if you have Windows You need an antivirus and you do not want to install complicated cracks
or activators, then this program is what you were looking for and best of all it’s free in this tutorial we will see how to download install and get a free license
Avast antivirus for a year for download you must go to the official site of Avast I’ll leave the link in the description
Video located on page click “Download” immediately The page shows the different
plans offered depending on the level of protection The first one has a
totally free basic protection if you want extra protection there
the other two plans are extra to download the free version you need to click on the download button
just below where it says “Essentials Free Antivirus” Now I am in the page to
download antivirus here they will give us useful information
as version program size, downloads
Total among others this button you choose the language in which
It will download version our antivirus in this case We choose Spanish and we click download now now save our installation file and only wait a few seconds to be downloaded to our PC Once downloaded, please go to
download location there stood the installer and double-click it in the greeter two buttons appear The first button is to accept the
It is the default configuration the second button you can choose to
components installed on your computer if you’re not an advanced user I recommend you to click on “normal installation” In this step a message will appear you read it and if you agree you click on “Continue” immediately it will start in the
installation before you install any antivirus
You must be careful not to be installed another antivirus on your computer as this may cause problems and within the application to click in the “Options” button and then click register button here you can see that time
Remaining for which the license is terminated is 30
days so the next thing we do is
activate the license for one year license for you to click
in the “Register” button in the column “Standard Protection” you click on “Select” wait a time and in the window that appears you
enter your email and then click on the button
“Register” In the next window you must click on the button that says “No thanks” to stick with the free version and so easy we have activated the
antivirus for one year to verify that the license is active
click on “Options” Then click on “Register” as you can see in the remaining days
I get 365 Once this license is terminated You can retake the
procedure for a new for another year I hope this tutorial will be very useful to keep your computer protected with one of the best antivirus
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  • Proteje tu PC de los virus sin gastar un solo centavo, en este video te enseño como instalar y obtener una licencia totalmente gratis de Avast antivirus.

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