Medication Treatment of OUD, including Use of Evidence-based Treatment Guidelines for OUD

NARRATOR: Okay, so, as you know these are fairly short talks. So I’m gonna move kind of quickly, but we’ll have some time for questions at the end. I’m gonna talk about the medications that are approved for treatment of opioid use disorder, and I have no financial conflicts of interest to disclose. So, as you probably know […]

What is the flu? | Infectious diseases | Health & Medicine | Khan Academy

– [Voiceover] So if you’re watching this video, I’m pretty sure that at some point in your life, or in the lives of someone you know, that you’ve had the flu. Almost everybody is pretty familiar with how awful it feels to get sick with the flu. And when people talk about the flu, they kinda talk about […]

Bridging East and West: New Frontiers in Medicine

Hello. What a wonderful turnout. I’d like to welcome you to the third Longwood Seminar of 2018, Bridging East and West, New Frontiers in Medicine. I’m Gina Vild. I’m the Associate Dean for Communications and External Relations for Harvard Medical School. And in addition to welcoming those of you who are here in the auditorium with us tonight, […]

Tecfidera a Prescription Medication Used to Treat Multiple Sclerosis – Overview

Tecfidera, the brand name form of dimethyl fumarate, is a prescription medication used to treat multiple sclerosis. Tecfidera belongs to a group of drugs called fumaric acid esters. The exact way it works to treat multiple sclerosis is unknown. This medication comes as capsules to be taken twice daily, with or without food. Common side effects of Tecfidera […]

Antibiotics Dont Be a Jerk by MacKen Films Pty Ltd

>>RECEPTIONIST: Thank you. OK you can go through now. [Music]>>DOCTOR: Just looks like the common cold. Take plenty of liquids and stay cosy OK. You can watch some cartoons but not too many. She’ll by sniffly for a few days but it’s going around>>MOTHER: What about some antibiotics Doctor?>>DOCTOR: Antibiotics don’t work on the common cold, it won’t […]