#AskDrBob: Vaping, Multiple Sclerosis, Blepharitis

#AskDrBob: Vaping, Multiple Sclerosis, Blepharitis

– Hello everybody. This is Dr. Bob DeMaria
from Westlake, Ohio and Naples, Florida. Tremendous questions,
I’ll get right down to it. Q: “Do you have any suggestions
or recommendations on this; effective, safe treatment of blepharitis.” A: Which is inflammation
going along with the eye. So, very interesting. We’ve had patients in the
past that have had this. Sometimes we find there
could be a food sensitivity that’ll cause your
immune system to weaken. It could be any food in particular. It could be eggs, could be peanut butter, could be wheat, it could be
whatever you crave the most of. So, you may consider having
what we call having a FIT test which will tell us what foods your body’s having some sensitivity to. I think it’ll be a
huge, huge value to you. Q: “Dr. Bob, for several months now I’ve been having sulfur burps.” A: The first time that I’ve ever had anybody talk to me about that. You talked about having some
issues with a hiatal hernia, your general practitioner suggested a few different meds for acid reflux, and that you’re a female
over 60 years old. Now, what I would suggest that you do is have a comprehensive metabolic panel, and what you’re going to do is we’re going to look at
your globulin level. Your globulin level
should be 2.7 or greater. I’m sorry, should be 2.7 flat lined. If it’s greater than 2.7, that tells me you’re having
some issues digesting your food. Also, I’d look at your bilirubin level. Bilirubin tells me how your
liver-gallbladder mechanism is functioned. So, that would help me help determine what’s happening with your body. You want a comprehensive metabolic panel, look at you globulin, should be 2.7. Q: “Hi, Dr Bob, what do
you advise for cataracts?” A: This is what I’m
going to suggest you do; go to “Dr. Bob’s Guide
to Prevent Surgery,” download the Cataract Chapter. We look for the calcium-phosphorus ratio. You should have 10 parts calcium
to four parts phosphorus. If you have too much calcium
in relationship to phosphorus, you may need to supplement your body to balance out the
phosphorus and the calcium. That was a very good question by the way. Q: I had somebody that’s
been having some issues with digestion. Just, kinda like, what
the individual had told me a little bit earlier, wake
up full of gas, nausea. You have disrupted sleep. You had a CAT scan and
everything basically came out negative. A: Be aware of food combining. You should not combine
a steak with a potato; it’s acid and alkaline. Steak with maybe vegetables. So you want to be aware of
how you’re combining food; don’t drink cold water with your meals, and you may also want to have
your globulin level checked, and also your bilirubin. That’s going to tell me how
your gallbladder is doing. Q: We have a 61 year
old female that’s having sinus issues for decades
and you lived in the south, you have coughing and
sneezing and drainage. A: This is what I have found: seasonal allergies are very common when somebody has not
enough iodine in their body. I would avoid wheat, dairy,
peanut butter, and sugar. Wheat, dairy, peanut butter, and sugar are very common culprits and instigators for chronic allergy and sinus. Q: Any advice on balancing
candida, which is yeast. A: You want to stay away
from sugar and fruit. We use a product called Caprin, which has caprylic acid
in it to manage yeast. And we also use a
product called Agrisept-L which is a citric seed extract. Great results with that. Q: “Dr. Bob, can you reverse diabetes?” And it’s the diabetes 2, the adult onset. A: You have to lose weight. You want to minimize or eliminate sugar. We actually use a product
called GlucoBalance. I’m not going to sit here
and tell ya we’re going to reverse somebody with
a diabetic challenge, but we’ve had people minimize, definitely minimize their
dependence on insulin. If you lose weight, we’ve
seen wonderful results. Q: “Dr. Bob, what do you
think about hair dye?” A: Well, you know what? Hair dye has been around
since the Egyptians and I’m not saying that
hair dying is good or bad. You’re going to want to
get some that’s not toxic. I know there’s organic dyes to dye. You just want to be careful of the process that you’re body is going through. If your hair starts falling out, you definitely are probably using the wrong particular one. This is a very interesting question: Q: “Dr. Bob, is vaping bad?” A: I’m gonna tell you right now, I would not vape because you’re putting chemicals inside of your body. And I know there’re people
that have died from vaping. I don’t think that we’ve
done enough research on it. Any time that you put something abnormal in your body like this, you are going to have problems. Q: You know a couple weeks ago
I did a shake the head videos and I was talking about agave, and that really flipped people out. I don’t really use anything sweet. I don’t even use Stevia. I basically eat a half a apple every day. So anytime you eat anything
that has sugar in it, you’re gonna probably
get a pancreas response with left neck pain. Q: “Dr. Bob, what kind of oil helps MS?” Omega-3 fats. You may consider doing our Omega Test and looking at your omega-3 and -6 ratio. You literally should
have a pretty much even, most of the time people
have too much omega-6. You’re going to want to
watch this video over again. Look at the questions,
they were very good. I’m Dr. Bob DeMaria.


4 thoughts on “#AskDrBob: Vaping, Multiple Sclerosis, Blepharitis”

  • Interesting! How much is a Fit test to find out what i am sensitive to? and how does the test work? can you do it by mail? I am not close enough to your clinics. thanks for all you do!

  • So to clear up some misinformation. 6 people have died from “vaping”, this wasn’t standard vapes. These were kids, who didn’t want their parents or law enforcement to find out, they were buying unregulated cartridges that were filled with THC, but also cut with Vitamin E oil. What these people didn’t know is when you turn Vitamin E into vapor, it will go back to its original form, oil. So it was costing the inside of their lungs.

    Vaping in general uses good grade quality products, I’m not advocating for it, since we shouldn’t put anything except oxygen into our lungs, but it’s LEAPS and bounds better than cigarettes and a great alternative to use to lower down nicotine doses until you kick the habit completely.

    Thanks Dr Bob!

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