An FDA-Approved Medication for Unintended Weight Loss in Cats, No Pill Required

“What I love about KindredBio is that the
mission and really the goal of this company is to create products and develop therapeutics
that will really meet unmet clinical needs. Really help the veterinarian have another
tool in their pocket that says ‘hey, we never had this to treat this problem, and now we
do.'” “At KindredBio, one of our first products
is Mirataz®, which is mirtazapine transdermal ointment. And we’ve developed this for cats with weight
loss.” “When cats are sick, they’ll often stop eating
and lose weight, and that’s a dangerous condition.” “We partnered with our veterinarians, and
they told us that they currently use human mirtazapine off label as the pill. The owner has to cut the pill into many small
pieces that often aren’t the appropriate dose and then, find the cat, and pill the cat.” “Anyone who has ever had to give a cat a pill
knows that can be a really challenging and frustrating, and sometimes, dangerous, process.” “So, we partnered with our veterinarians to
say ‘well, what dosage form would work for you?’ And they suggested a transdermal ointment,
which is really wonderful to bring the medication to market in the format that makes sense for
the veterinarian, for the owner, and most importantly, for the pet.” “This is a drug that veterinarians are very
eagerly awaiting.” “Our studies showed that the right dose really
does help the cats quite a bit.” “The fact that there are opportunities and
options that some of the therapies we may prescribe for cats don’t always have to go
by mouth is really exciting.” “The work has been done for the cat and is
approved for the cat and is designed specifically for their clinical needs, is just really huge.”


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