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  • Well, this is taking forever to load so i will go ahead an answer the question. Because losing an appendage is generally fatal, so there was no selection pressure for limb regeneration. Either that or its is gods plan for you to be a paraplegic and the evil scientists trying to restore your limbs are the agents of satan. It could be that.

  • If the speaker would know that government funding isn't what the people in need for treatement needs he would realize that spending government money to solve a problem will not help. Instead deregulate and eliminate taxation on areas and you will see growth like no other country has. The only problem with this is that the government goons want get their money and they really really don't find that appealing.

  • religious groups hold the rest of us hostage to their superstitions … we need to un-arm them and support stem cell study and development for the betterment of human beings lives

  • What a great talk. This is the real world implications of putting a dumb ass in the White house and people attacking science in schools. It amounts to the retardation of science and the slowing of these methods and procedures. All politicians should watch this video.

  • The Republican retardation of science has been immense. If Gore had won (wait, he did win) then it was be retarded much less. I don't think it would be utopia but it would be better. Look at all the money wasted on Iraq.

  • great video 🙂

    but what about the bans on stem cell research and the religious fundamentalists behind this? he should have said something about it in his talk.

  • christians aren't against adult stemcell research. no cure has ever been found or used from embryonic cells, but people have been cured of Parkinsons and other such diseases with adult stem cells. they dont want child sacrifice to be involved in stem cell research. adult is good enough for now.

  • faithm:

    unfortunately, you do not have any rational arguments to back this up. there are no child sacrifices involved. the religious belief that a bunch of 100 human cells can experience more suffering than a fly, which has 100000s of neurons, is irrational.

    and it makes research of this interesting field of science impossible in many many countries.

    its a case of dogmatic religious beliefs hindering scientific progress, and a reason to fight back against christianity.

  • strange3141:

    ill just repeat myself… "unfortunately, you do not have any rational arguments to back this up. there are no child sacrifices involved. the religious belief that a bunch of 100 human cells can experience more suffering than a fly, which has 100000s of neurons, is irrational."

    embryonic stem cells are "harvested" while the embryo has a size of about 100 cells. any questions left?

    morons oppose this because they believe in this nonsensical soul-stuff.

  • strange3141:

    what purpose do those irrational religious beliefs have? like, this belief in souls?

    if such a belief has NO positive effect, but when it has the negative effects that otherwise rational people go nuts when you criticize it, and that it makes stem cell research difficult, then we need to get rid of those beliefs, educate those misconceptions out of the people, to make progress in stem cell research easier.

    what point? maybe AFTER its brain is bigger than that of a fly?

  • What Hubris & Outright Pettifogging Greed for the NRH Director to assert that the Vision is Bigger than their Appetite.
    27.8 BILLION Dollar Endowment @ Harvard University & they can't pinch a bit for this strategic focus & development.
    What elite BLOOTERS they are..

  • Lonnie Nerney says:

    I would think that a fetus becomes a "person" when brain activity starts, or just before the third trimester (about 25 weeks in). After all, it is our unique thought and creativity that we associate with our uniqueness compared to everything else right? Even religiously motivated people can relate to this and assume that this could be a representation of our "soul" So I figure that after 25 weeks its a bit late to consider abortion.

  • First traces of brain activity starts roughly at week 6.

    25% of ALL embryos are miscarried by the 6th week. Meaning, in your worldview God is responsible for almost all abortions.

    Virtually all(well over 90%) artificially induced abortions happen within the first trimester, and most before the first 10 weeks.

    In such an environment, it is simply retarded to ruin the lives of women on behalf of unconscious parasites.

  • When you are making claims about nature, you'd better be prepared to back them up or be laughed at. You have no reason to believe in souls. You have no idea what a soul is, and finally, you have no reason to believe anything related to souls happens at conception.

    Why should I "respect" your unfounded assertion?

    This is not a question of "intolerance", but about you being unable to back up your claims.

  • Here, Let me fix this for you. It is a simple concept.
    Instead of saying WHY CAN'T, instead say HOW CAN.
    There, I hope that helps.

  • @kjbhlogkh You can't read. I said it would have been better if Gore had won. All American president are horrific but I think Gore would have been less awful than Bush.

    What you know about science I could fit in a thimble. Thanks for responding to something I wrote over 2 years ago.

  • allnatural singh says:

    im on the side of stem cells, but my friend a lot of ethical issues that arise in medicine are NOT religiously motivated. Religion isnt the only thing that is against Stem Cell Research, the idea of allowing a living organism, or cells to go through testing&research, and its benefits to the rest of the world, is not digestible to SOME people. Some people Dont want to donate their organs after passing away, i think everyone SHOULD, but the point is RELIGION has nothing to do with that decision.

  • Now we have synthetic blood, 3-D organ printing and can restore limited function to paralytics.  Both the United States and the EU launched massive efforts last year to map the brain.  And so much more.  God knows where we will be in 30 years but it will doubtless be extraordinary.

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