AIM   Academic Immersion in Medicine

AIM Academic Immersion in Medicine

DR. HEE-YOUNG PARK: My department partnered with High School Summer Program at Boston University to launch the high school program AIM: Academic Immersion in Medicine. DR. MAURA KELLEY: AIM is a wonderful program for students who have a particular interest in science because it allows them the actual experiential process of seeing what medicine is like first-hand. JEFFREY KLEIN: On a given day, they might be in genetics counseling, they might be in radiology, they might be in surgery, sutures. So that’s the way medical school students learn is, it’s not a typical semester program, it’s one thing after another, very rapidly. NCHEDOLISA SELMA ANAMMAH: I felt like the AIM Program was it exposed a lot to what it is really like to be pursuing a career in the healthcare, especially from the academic perspective. TOMMY TSAO: They were able to go do some amazing things like shadow some doctors in BMC. DR. HEE-YOUNG PARK: Actually do hands-on suturing experience with the surgical residents. DR. MAURA KELLEY: And I would say one of the best experiences that students had was in the Simulation Lab, which I run, where they encounter a patient in the form of SIMAN, who is a computerized patient that we are are learning physical exams skills on first-hand. So every student is able to lay hands on SIMAN and learn a head-to-toe examination, first-hand, and even go the next step of doing certain maneuvers like blood pressure and all the vital signs. DR. HEE-YOUNG PARK: And it was really good to see them excited about the possibility of even surgical profession after doing actually hands-on experiences.


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