A Jewish Doctor finds cure for the soul

So I went to my rabbi, and
I looked him in the face, and I said, “Rabbi, tell
me, how can I know God?” And he looked at me
and he was angry. And he picked up his umbrella and he gave me a big
(whips) on the head. He said, “That’s blasphemy! “Get out of here!” We grew up celebrating
the holidays and keeping all the Mitzvot, went to a Jewish school,
the kippah, the tsitsiot. But inside, I didn’t know God. And I felt that there
was something not right, that I should have
some connection, but I didn’t have answers. I saw the fighting
that went on and the hypocrisy
and the backbiting. Went through my bar mitzvah
in the shul. Then after my bar mitzvah and I started to question
more and more. I fulfilled what every good
Yiddishe mama wants from a son. He has to be either
a doctor or a lawyer. I wanted to be the doctor. So I’m studying hard
and by the age of 16, I was able to be accepted
to medical school. That was my dream. But there was this
growing emptiness in me. That wasn’t gonna fulfill me. That wasn’t gonna make
me a whole person, but I didn’t know what to do. For the first time in my life, a student came up to me
and looked me in the eye. He said, “Do you know Jesus?” That was a total shock to me because in our home, Jesus
was like a curse word. The Gentiles and the other
so-called Christians, we thought they all hated us. I thought the New Testament
was an anti-Semitic book, that it was teaching Christians
how to hate the Jews. I was angry with this fellow. He’s telling me that
Jesus was the one that could take away my sin. Well I didn’t feel
like a sinner. He was the one that
could save me. I didn’t feel like
I needed saving. But then he did tell me that I could have
a relationship with God. Now that started to make
a little sense to me. I wanted a relationship
with God, but I certainly didn’t want
it in this kind of way. Well after toing and froing, we spent actually several
hours going back and forth and he’s telling me
that Jesus is the door, he’s the way, he’s the truth. Atonement, well,
I understood atonement. Over the course
of the next weeks, this girl began to also
talk with me and she was a follower
of Jesus too. Finally, she persuaded me. She said, “Look, start
reading in this book, “the New Testament.” And I opened it. I was a little nervous opening, but I started to open
and I was amazed. I started to read
about Yeshua, Jesus, and I was shocked to
find he was Jewish. I didn’t know he was Jewish. I didn’t know the disciples
were Jewish. I didn’t know that the
whole thing was Jewish. I thought, wow, if this
is really true, if Jesus really is the
promised one, the Mashiach, if he truly came to be the
kapparah, the covering, for the wrong I’ve done. My eyes began to open
and I started to realize there was a barrier between me and “Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu”, between myself and God. I’m not holy enough. I’m not righteous enough. And if that can be taken away,
then maybe I’ll know God. And then I started to study
the prophecies that talked about the
one who would come, who would be the lamb of
God, he’d be like Abraham, offering up Isaac. I read Isaiah 53, that he
was the suffering servant, the one who was put to death
for our transgressions, that by his stripes that
we can be healed. This is what I want. This is what I need. I was joyed, overjoyed. But what would my
parents think? What would the family think? Jews don’t believe in Yeshua. And then I started
weighing the cost. What’s it gonna mean for me? Do I want to be cut off? Nothing else matters
more than knowing God. And like Abraham Avinu, I
started a walk of faith. I said, “God, I’m looking to
you to guide me, to lead me, “and I want to follow
you all my days. “I want to give
everything to you.” And I knew I’d found the truth and I knew that I was
a completed Jew now, not just from my “Brit Mila”, my circumcision in the flesh, but now I had a new circumcised
heart, a new covenant. If you can look at the heart
of King David in the Psalms, if you can look at
these prophecies, if you can read Isaiah
53 and see the Mashiach, he is the one. He will bring you
that relationship that you long for and
that you’re trying through all your davening
and your mitzvot to reach, he’s already reached it. He’s completed it. Believe in him.


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