A cure for HIV is possible – but is it a realistic solution? | Need to Know | Xtra

You know, it’s always good that one
person is cured, if that’s the right word. I think that in no way
translates to community impact. We need to sometimes funnel a lot of money into one
particularly good experiment, if you want, but, I mean, you and I know – we can do
simple math to know that we’re not going to send the same deployment of
scientists and and health researchers and physicians to Africa – at what cost? What we have at the moment is
medications that work really well, what’s coming down the pipes as well – I don’t
think it has the same impact – and I’m going to compare it to something
different – the use of Truvada and other medications have led to
undetectable equals untransmittable. Those things are already translating
into large, broad impact. This other one is certainly – I mean, I’m
happy for the person, again, don’t get me wrong –
one person saved is a very important thing. But it’s one person, at an amazing
cost – because it’s an experiment, right? The thing about Truvada and U equals U is it’s not an experiment anymore. It’s being deployed. It’s what’s going on in our


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