8 Simple Steps to Cure Any Disease

Alright, so why does making a new drug need
to be such a big deal? This is how you can cure a disease in 8 simple
steps. First of all, you need to figure out the ingredients
for your Super Drug! Googling and wikipedia won’t cut it… An average drug needs thousands of articles
to be read… … so you will need smart researchers to
help you out. Now you can start making cool kitchen experiments. Why not test it on your wife…or Mr. Chuckles? Seriously, your kitchen…too small! You will need a giant research lab. Even though many experiments can already be done
on skin or bacteria before you try them on animals or on yourself. You still have to cook up and test thousands and thousands of molecules to get one drug candidate. Now that you have proof that it actually works in the lab. You can try it on people. No Facebook friends won’t be enough. Officially your experts need to search for people with exactly that disease all over the world… … and you need like…more than a thousand. Now you just need to fill out some paperwork
of proof for the government… … on average it’s 500.000 pages of administration work. All you still need is stop neighbors from
simply copying you… … with patents…
… and a legal department… make your drug in a small factory, distribute
and sell the drug all over the world. Ohh…and…the developing of each drug on average will cost you €1 Billion… … and there is a 90% chance that your drug will fail along the way. And that is how you can start your own drug
in 8 simple steps!


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