7 Ways To Treat Indigestion

7 Ways To Treat Indigestion

we all love food but sometimes our food
doesn’t necessarily love us back sometimes this results in a little thing
we like to call indigestion indigestion can come from a number of different
causes but it usually entails things such as abdominal or stomach pains a
burning sensation in the stomach or just the sensation of being uncomfortably
full so what can you do when indigestion strikes the good news is that even if
you don’t have a drug cabinet stocked up with antacids you can still treat the
symptoms of indigestion by relying on one or more natural remedies the focus
of today’s video will be exploring some of the ways that you can naturally
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baking soda we’ve probably mentioned this before but
baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate has a wide variety of
beneficial uses that extend beyond simply helping bread rise in addition to
being safe for consumption in small doses baking soda is firmly rooted in
the basic side of the pH scale what does this mean well if a substance is basic
that means that it can help to neutralize acids including for example
your stomach acid by mixing half a teaspoon of baking soda into water and
drinking it you can help cual your indigestion by getting the acid in your
stomach to settle down a little bit just make sure you don’t go overboard as
drinking too much baking soda can potentially lead to some unwanted side
effects such as vomiting and diarrhea typically speaking you should avoid
ingesting more than seven and a half teaspoons of baking
soda in a 24-hour period if you can handle that it should be smooth sailing
number two apple cider vinegar light baking soda
this isn’t the first time we’ve spoken about the potential health benefits of
apple cider vinegar either in addition to the many other benefits that this
type of vinegar is able to provide it may also be able to help ease your
indigestion what you might not have realized is that indigestion can be
caused by not just a surplus of stomach acid but also if there’s too little acid
as well a spoonful of apple cider vinegar helps stimulate your stomach to
produce more acid which can potentially get your levels back in check and thus
help ease your aching stomach like baking soda however too much apple cider
vinegar at once can cause unintended and unwanted side effects such as nausea
vomiting and a burning sensation in your throat so make sure to dilute the
vinegar in water and try not to overdo your dosage beyond one or two teaspoons
number three peppermint tea in addition to freshening your breath peppermint is
also useful for relieving problems related to your stomach such as nausea
and indigestion if you’re feeling a little bit sickly after a large meal a
cup of freshly brewed peppermint tea might just be the thing to cure what
ails you if you don’t have time to put the kettle on however you can just as
easily get by by simply sucking on a handful of peppermint candies instead oh
so that’s why restaurants always offer those mints after a meal that makes a
lot more sense now so just make sure that your indigestion isn’t being caused
by acid reflux if you try to use peppermint to solve that kind of
digestion problem the mint might actually make the whole situation worse
instead of better if you happen to struggle with ger G or stomach ulcers it
might be better for you to skip this entire point on our list altogether
number four chamomile tea ready to tee up with another type of tea
that can potentially cure your tummy troubles look no further than a freshly
brewed cup of chamomile tea this particular type of tea is often praised
as an effective sleep aid and an effective way to curb anxiety but
as it turns out it may be useful for preventing indigestion as well this is
because the chamomile herb is an anti-inflammatory allowing it to relieve
the pain in your gut and lessen discomfort in your digestive system the
only reason you may want to avoid chamomile tea is if you’re currently
taking a blood thinner as certain properties within chamomile may
interfere with the proper function of this medication number five ginger like
baking soda ginger can potentially help your
indigestion by reducing your levels of stomach acid in order to settle things
down in your gut to relieve indigestion and stomach pain all you need to do is
drink a cup of ginger tea suck some ginger candy drink a glass of ginger ale
or even just boil some ginger root and water and drink the resulting broth of
course just like most of the other items on this list moderation is key try to
limit your consumption of ginger to no more than three to four grams per day if
you ingest any more than that it can potentially lead to some unwanted
side effects such as gas heartburn or a burning sensation in your throat number
six fennel seed fennel seed is a type of herb that is highly praised for its
antispasmodic qualities meaning that it can potentially soothe a number of
ailments which can affect your gastrointestinal system in addition to
helping relieve the sensation of indigestion
fennel seed can also help to relieve other symptoms such as nausea bloating
and stomach cramps all you need to do to make the most out of this home remedy is
crush up about half a teaspoon of fennel seed and boil it in water for about ten
minutes then drink the water I mean not while it’s still boiling obviously
because that would hurt is it just me or does this list contain a lot of
different teas and tea like beverages for curing indigestion I guess some
drinks just really fit digestive health to a tea number seven licorice root
while you might be more familiar with the candy than the actual root licorice
is an effective home remedy not just for indigestion but for other ailments as
well such as muscle spaz and inflammation to make the most of
this remedy when your gut starts acting up all you have to do is chew on some
licorice root or key you guessed it dump it into some boiling water and then
drink the ensuing mixture just be sure not to overdo this remedy either as
licorice can potentially cause some imbalances in your body’s natural sodium
and potassium levels if consumed in too high a concentration for an ideal dosage
amount try and stick to two and a half grams of licorice root per day for those
of you who frequently suffer from indigestion what are some other tips
tricks and home remedy techniques that have worked for you in the past we’d
love to hear some of your own experiences and input on what has or
hasn’t worked for you so be sure to let us know in the comments section below
and help us to keep the conversation going
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  • For those of you who frequently suffer from indigestion, what are some other tips, tricks, and home remedy techniques that have worked for you in the past? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  • FYI (Its the whole reason I'm watching this!)
    one of the recommendations here is Ginger Ale
    That WAS my favorite/best method, till lately.. Baffled till i read the Ingredients, there is no
    Ginger Ale that lists Ginger on the Ingredients (& most say 'artificial flavors') There was a local Co. that was the last one (available here, atleast) & they closed '09.. WTH!

  • Eat less, and eat slowly. Ingestion should not happen then. Also don't mix plain foods with sugary sweet foods at the same mealtime.

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