7 Hand Pain & Finger Pain Treatments – Ask Doctor Jo

7 Hand Pain & Finger Pain Treatments – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you my top seven treatments for finger and hand pain. so
let’s get started. so the first treatment is just going to
be finger taps. this can be anything from arthritis, maybe a slight hand injury, an
overuse injury things like that where you’ve just got some aches and pains in
the hands and the fingers. so finger taps are as easy as it sounds. it’s just
tapping the fingers and the thumbs together. so what is really important to
do is open up wide each time. so I’m going to take, I’m gonna start with my
thumb and my pinky, and I’m gonna come together and then open all the way up
and then I’m just gonna move up the fingers and just tap and come back. so
you really want to open up that palm every single time. so it’s not this, it’s
coming back open and really closing and making that movement. so when you’re
doing these, you can just start off with maybe two to three sets of just going
back and forth, like one up and one down would be one set, and then kind of work
your way up from there. it just really depends on how much pain you’re having,
if you’ve had an injury, how long you’ve had the injury. so it’s kind of your
judgement of how many you need to do. then the next one is going to be thumb
taps or thumb movements. so you really want to get that thumb joint too. a lot
of times when people have that hand finger pain, it’s in those deep joints
there especially on the thumb here. so with the thumb you’re gonna do it a
couple different ways. so now this time keeping kind of the fingers straight
you’re just going to bring that thumb all the way over to almost that pinky
joint at the hand there, and then come back up. so maybe do that about five
times. and I have some arthritis in my hands, I’ve also had surgeries surgery on
both sides of my hands my left and my right, so I can I can really feel this
stretching my thumb area. and then after that you’re gonna go to here. so you’re
going to open up and come down. so just almost like you’re a a pac-man
eating it or like that. up and down. and then the last one for the thumb I’m
gonna turn a little sideways so you can see, you’re gonna come
and then down in that direction. so you’re kind of moving that joint in all
those different directions. and I’m going to turn my hand so you can see where
it’s kind of going forward, and then down. so again maybe just starting off with
five reps of each. you can do a couple sets, two to three times a day. it really
just depends on what’s going on with your hands and then how’s it feeling. so
then the next one is going to go into the wrist because when you’re moving the
wrist all those wrist muscles come down into the fingers in the hand. so you
really want to get that wrist moving as well. so just make a little fist with
your hand. if you want to rest it on a table or the side of a chair so you can
have your arm relaxed you can. if holding it up is comfortable, that’s fine. I like
bending my elbows, some people like doing it straight out. it’s completely up to
you, but all you’re gonna do with this is just bend it down as far as you
comfortably can, and then come back up as far as you
comfortably can. this one you can do a continuous motion just kind of going
back and forth. if you want to pause and maybe do like a three to five second
hold at each side you can. just get that little bit of an extra stretch in there.
so if you want to do continuously I’d say maybe start off with like 10 reps
and then work your way up, several times a day. and if you want to do like a
little hold with that three to five seconds maybe do five each way just so
you’re not overworking that wrist. this is really just kind of loosen everything
up get that pain out of there. so then the next one is going to be massaging
the hands. so it’s really important to kind of get the blood flow in there get
the circulation going. massaging always kind of helps you can
do it a couple different ways. you can start here and just kind of stretch or
push the blood flow back, and each fingers kind of going like this. you can
also just start at the palm and like do some circular motions here just to kind
of get that massage which is really nice. but you can also use equipment to do the
massaging for your hands and the fingers, and there’s a lot of great products out
there and the folks at Breo Technology sent me there iPalm 520s hand massager.
and this is a really cool thing. you can see it almost looks like a mitten to be
able to put your hand in there. and what I really like about this particular one
is you can plug it into the wall, or it’s also battery-powered so you can put the
batteries in there so then you don’t even have to have the cord with you.
and what this does is it uses air compression that’s almost like I’d say
like a an air bag in there that kind of fills up with air and then it gives you
compression to help increase that circulation. and there’s also a heat
component in there as well, and if you have arthritis in your hands like I do,
you know that that feels really really good. it’s a nice component. there’s also
three different settings on there there’s actually four I guess because
one is kind of an alternating setting. if you have a lot of sensitivity in your
hands this is very firm pressure. I really like it it’s kind of like a
massage and when you have a massage at this you know not a whole lot of
pressure not really getting much benefit out of the massage. so if you have some
sensitivity to your hands, you don’t really like a lot of pressure and things,
this might not be quite for you. you can see here I’ve had a hand surgery it was
a long time ago, but I used the lightest settings since I’ve had surgeries and it
feels good, lots of pressure, but it feels good. I’ve also done the highest setting
and I can still tolerate it, but it’s just not what I would want to do every
time. so the lightest setting works great for me, so you can try all the settings
and see and if it’s too much. while it’s going on there’s a little button here
that releases the pressure, so it’s not like you just have to sit there and take
it, you can release that pressure or you can just turn it off and start over and
the heat has different settings as well so that’s really cool. make sure you take
your jewelry off when you’re doing it don’t put the jewelry in there, but all
you do is you just kind of set it in it’s got some grooves in there that you
can kind of feel where you want to set your hand, there’s kind of a little
square there where you want to put the palm of your hand in there. and you want
to go in this way you don’t want to go this way because there’s also little
acupressure points like look those little dots that you feel that puts that
pressure on there. so once you take your hand back out you’re gonna have little
dots on your hand that’s completely normal. that’s part of it that’s that
acupressure pressure, and just it’ll go away after you know five to ten minutes.
there’s a timer setting as well which is also really nice. I’m
gonna turn it on just for a little bit so you can kind of hear and see what’s
going on, but again what’s really cool about it is you can just kind of as you
go change the settings and so you kind of hear that. but what’s nice again it’s
is pretty portable. so I can just hold it in my lap if I’m working on the computer
I can set it on the side and still do my work. I can kind of hold it up in the air
like that, you probably don’t want to. you want it to sit nice, but so you can see
here you know it’s it’s it comes up and then it goes down a little bit. and then
you feel this like rolling sensation where it goes on to your fingers as well.
so it’s the nice combination there’s one that’s good goes up and down and I like
that. and again if you feel like it’s too much later, maybe right there was a
little bit too much for me. I can press this button and you can hear how the air
comes out. so it’s it’s a really really cool product I like it. it does a great
job of getting that comfort into your hand and get that increased circulation
by pressure. you can see those a little bit of dots right there, but again that’s
completely normal and that’ll go away as you go. so if you’re interested in
purchasing the ipalm 520s, make sure and click on the link up there. so the
next treatment is just a full finger stretch at the joints. and so again this
one’s a pretty firm kind of pressure so just use whatever is comfortable for you.
so this time what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take my whole finger and just
gently pull it back this way. so if you want to set it on a table or on your
hand and just pull back like that you can. that just gives some nice stretch on
the inside there and just stretches everything out. since this is a stretch,
you want to hold it a little bit longer. I wouldn’t say you necessarily have to
do a full 30 second stretch since it’s a smaller finger, but but maybe like a 10
to 15 second hold. so just really getting that nice stretch in there, and then go
all the way up up and down your fingers. so you want to do all your fingers and
you do your thumb as well. so just getting that nice stretch in there
pulling it up, but just to comfort. don’t don’t get to where it’s pain in there.
this right now is when I’m pulling up I get that nice kind of you know stretchy burning feeling, but there’s no pain in
there. and so that’s nice so just kind of going through all those joints and
that’s going to get closer to the to the hand and the fingers right there. so
that’s also really nice. so then the next one going into some exercises. is you can
just take a towel and roll up the towel. you can use a tennis ball. you can use a
lacrosse ball. you know those are a little bit firmer than I like, but if you
like that that’s fine because all you’re doing is just kind of getting something
that you can squeeze on. and it’s just like it sounds. I call it a towel squeeze,
and so you’re just squeezing that towel. getting that you know starting to work
those muscles in there. and then so this one I’d say it’s probably maybe about
five second hold. so just holding giving it a good squeeze for that five seconds
and then relaxing. so you don’t want to squeeze so hard that you’re gonna make
your hands hurt, so if you want to when you’re first starting off maybe just do
twenty to thirty percent of what you feel like you can do and then kind of
work your way up. but just maybe do five to ten of each of those. and then the
last one is then going to exercise going into the extension motion. so that one
was the flexion motion, this one’s going into extension. so you can just take a
rubber band. it doesn’t have to be a fancy rubber band it can even be one
that you get off the newspaper if you still get the newspaper, but you’re gonna
wrap it around the tips of your finger. try and make sure to get it low enough
so it doesn’t pop back out on you, but your fingers are going to be together
like this, and then you’re just gonna open them up as far as you comfortably
can. so you can see I’m not going all the way open but the key is when you come
back go nice and slow. so I’m not just doing that that’s not really working
those muscles, but really controlling it, especially coming back in. so since
you’re doing an exercise with some resistance with this, I would just start
off with maybe ten, one to two sets a couple times a day, and then you can kind
of work your way up from there just to make sure that you’re getting the
exercises and the fingers in the hands. so if you have you know some tightness,
some pain, some uncomfortableness, that’ll help make it stronger as well as
getting all that pain out of there. so there you have it, those were my top
seven treatments for finger and hand pain. if you’re interested in purchasing
the Breo ipalm 520s hand massager, make sure you click the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down there. and
remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.


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  • Dr Jo Good morning
    Very nice Exercises for Fingers pain,I like it and hope it will definitely help reducing the pain
    Thanks for sharing.
    My regards

  • Hey Dr Jo, I had a question I am hoping you can confirm for me. I recently mistook AC joint pain for what I thought was just normal DOMS in my lateral deltoid. I am a recreational weight lifter doing a common ‘bro split’ type workout. Does performing the side dumbbell raise impact recovery of AC joint pain? Or any type of chest pressing movement, like a dumbbell floor press??

  • Linda Lee-Tucker says:

    Thanks for the video. I finished 6 weeks of healing from broken finger. Now need to stretch out finger and get it back to working

  • I am a guitarist that tried everything (nothing works).
    I have this sharp pain in my left hand (that's the hands that pressing the strings) first knuckle of my first finger, it's a sharp pain that feels like the nerve is being compressed, some days are better then others but the pain never leaves, any ideas? many thanks

  • Hello doc. can i ask a question my injured finger in basketball is 3 years old and its have a pain in everyday thankyou for responce im waiting sorry im weak in english thankyou

  • Hey Dr . I play Dhol In India. It is an instrument.So it's painful on my right hand fingers. Near the bottem end of each fingers.they feel swollen too. I use medical tape to tape it and it feels good , but I still can't get rid of the pain when I move my fingers.Any Help ?

  • thanksI have trigger thumb in both thumbs- which has not responded to cortisone shots…..any ideas of stretches, home treatments?

  • Drop the Chalupa! says:

    Had recurring hand pain in the index finger for no reason. No arthritis or anything and it's been hurting like hell again. X-Rays found nothing and my MRIs were normal for the most part, especially with those ligaments. I was hoping rest would help, but it hasn't. Also feels very very tight in that bottom area there, like there's some scar tissue pulling on it. Been to all sorts of doctors but every time it was just regular cortisone injection. Deep tissue massage has helped.

    I got over my guilt thinking it was due to an event over two years ago, but it might have just been regular overuse.

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