6 Natural Cures For Alopecia Areata (Spot Baldness)

6 Natural Cures For Alopecia Areata (Spot Baldness)

Spot balding may not sound like a very serious
condition on the surface, but any auto-immune disease causes concern in those that are affected
by them. This specific type of baldness, clinically
knows as alopecia areata, takes place when the body starts destroying its own hair follicles. It normally begins on the scalp but can spread
to other parts of the body, and while these large bald spots or thinned out areas may
not always be permanent, they are noticeable enough for people to seek immediate treatment. Triggers of the condition include stress,
emotional trauma, genetics, some environmental factors. These causes are so widespread that it makes
it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. Many people seek conventional treatments that
could be costly, and possibly involve further health complications. Immune suppressing medications and powerful
steroids are the most commonly used treatments. There’s good news though. Natural remedies do exist, and they are certainly
worth trying, if you’re ever faced with such a challenging social issue as spot balding. Before even looking into the specific natural
remedies, consider altering your diet significantly to include as many foods known to reduce inflammation
as possible. Also, look to remove foods that might cause
inflammation: this would include any packaged and processed foods. Now take a look at these six remedies for
spot balding: Zinc can boost your immune system naturally. Curiously, some researchers believe that lower
zinc levels contribute to alopecia areata. You can find zinc at your local natural foods
store, but could also get more zinc in your system by eating more spinach and pumpkin
seeds. Ginseng is next on our list. It does wonders for our body with benefits
that include increased concentration, memory, and physical endurance. It’s also great for the immune system. Specifically, red ginseng has shown promise
in its ability to fight spot balding. It works to reduce inflammation and helps
boost our immune system. Probiotics that are present in foods like
yogurt, kimchi, kefir, and fermented vegetables, reduce inflammation and help repair the healthy
flora in our gut. Too often our immune system suffers when the
good bacteria in our intestinal tract isn’t balanced. That’s why probiotics should be considered
when treating alopecia areata. Quercetin is a little known supplement that
fights inflammation and damage from free radicals. It’s often used to combat autoimmune issues. It can probably be found at the nearest natural
foods store, but some foods that are naturally high in quercetin are apples, peppers, dark
berries (blueberries and blackberries), and red wine. Essential oils can also fight alopecia areata. Lavender essential oil can help reduce inflammation
in the body while rosemary essential oil, when applied to the affected area can thicken
hair follicles. When using rosemary oil, apply a few drops
directly to the scalp or other area a few times a day. Acupuncture is growing in popularity in the
west now, and has the ability to help eliminate the cells that attack the hair follicles and
cause hair loss. Performed regularly, this treatment can also
help regenerate hair follicles.


30 thoughts on “6 Natural Cures For Alopecia Areata (Spot Baldness)”

  • My youngest daughter call me about 30 minutes ago so upset and crying because she just found out that she have Alopecia. She has been bolding a lot on the top of her head.

  • Just got 4 spots on my face and one large spot on my head. Noticed it around Easter. Have yet to see a Doctor but I have got to say it’s annoying living with this since I had a nice beard and hair…

  • Kevin Ceniceros says:

    For me, I used to pull my my hair for over ten years on and off. But I stopped completely over a year ago, because I began using greasy pomade containing mineral oil for my hair. But the problem didn't stop fully. I see some little hairs growing out of a bald patch on my right front corner of my hair. That's a good sign. What also contributed to my problem was stress and lack of nutrition. I've learned from that so now I'm taking more vitamin c and d, and have been calming myself down. I've also been refraining from using regular shampoo, and I have been brushing my hair with brushes contains boar bristles. This all may help.

  • I am 11 years old and I think I have this. But I also have eczema on my neck so I am really confused if it is cause by the eczema or by This.

  • Hey everybody ive had alopecia for 3 months now and ive done some extensive research. I started taking probiotic supplements and drinking kambucha and after 3 days i’ve started to notice a huge difference. I also stopped doing things that cause stress ie. gambling and smoking. I also cut my drinking habits down to once a week ( maybe a glass of wine here and there). I hope this helps some people cause it really made a difference for me.

  • I had alopecia once and it popped up again…. I saw a specialist and was told to stay away from scented shampoos/conditioners, rub the bald spots, and massage organic olive oil into my hair. Took about 3-6 months for my hair to grow back. Now i gotta go through this again but at least I'm alive.

  • Real talk. Have it since 4-5 months. Iam fit, checked blood anything. Every week it gets better, i only add Zink and put Cortisol on it 1-2 times a week. I hope it will be gone in the next 2 months. Will see.

  • AIP diet and probiotics are needed to heal the gut. Allopecia is a direct result of your immune system…heal your gut…heal your immune system.

  • info channel ph says:

    My problem is not a Hair loss it is a bald spot that already here since birth so my question is. Is theres any possibility that it will a grow a hair?

  • I had alopecia for 10 years and it did get smaller to the size of a coin but I really hope that I can have my hair back 😢
    This deseas caused me alot of problems like social anxiety and lonleness, I developed this charecter where am more happy by myself that with other people, wish me good luck to get rid of it

  • ガチャ•• Sakura says:

    crap im 12 and i have this i think is because i used a shampoo that has conditioner my beautiful brown locks ;-;

  • Sabrina Mohamed says:

    My elder sister had alopecia for more than 10 years and it have like very hard to her ,but we always wish her the best luck…

  • Antonio Becerra says:

    Had Alopecia areata when i was a kid. You need to buy a wooden bristle brush and brush bold spot to knock off old dead skin cells and open pores. Then olive oil.. put in microwave for 5 to 8nseconds and put on bold spot with q tip. You will start seeing hair in a day. Thank me later. God Bless

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