4 Exercise To Cure Bow Leg Without Surgery (Hindi)

Whats up guys welcome to deepfitnessclub.com today i will tell you 4 best exercise for genu varum/bow leg before it i was uploaded a video of knock knee exercise this is requested video i suggest u best exercise to bow leg correction you can do these exercise at home no equipment need for these exercise you will have Bow leg/genu varum because of weaken inner thigh muscle or lower leg muscle and rickets, skeletal problem skeletal infection can be cause of bow leg for rickets you need to medically diagnose. you cant check it at home. bow leg can be treated by exercise if you have because of muscle weakness but you need to to do exercise regular and every day If you want better result do these exercise till 30 days and long exercise reps and timing will told u with each exercise. 1st exercise is butterfly 20 second each set and 3 set of this exercise 2nd exercise is squats for inner thigh muscle 15 reps of each set and 3 set of this exercise your leg will wider than your hips size. feel contraction on your inner thigh muscle Focus only on your inner thigh increase number of set 3 to 5 after 3 weeks rep will be 15. no change in reps 3rd exercise is knee press you will need pillow for this exercise press your knee on pillow for 15 second keep pressing till 15 second after 15 second. take a rest of 10 second then repeat this exercie 2 times more 4 th exercise for lower leg muscle this exercise named calf raise reps 15 number of set will be 3 focus on your calves. when you on finish position hold for half second and then come down do exercise regular i hope you enjoyed our video share to someone who have bow legged like if this video is helpful subscribe for new updates see you soon


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