125 Years of Innovation | Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

>>Announcer: Few institutions can claim to have been there at the birth of modern medicine. And while Johns Hopkins’ impact reverberberates around the world, its genesis began with a
stroke of a pen in 1873, when a gentle Quaker man
put his vision into a letter that would inspire and
heal generations to come.>>Johns Hopkins: In
all your arrangements, you will bear constantly in mind that this is my wish and purpose that the institution shall ultimately form a part of the Medicine
School of the university.>>Announcer: A medical
school that would redefine how medicine was taught and practiced, and would redefine who
could study at practice.>>[Mary Elizabeth Garrett]
And inasmuch as my interest is in the medical education of women, they shall enjoy all the advantages on the same terms as men, and the Medical School
shall form an interval part of the Johns Hopkins University, providing a four-year course, leading to the Doctor of Medicine.>>Announcer: Throughout
its 125 year history, advances and breakthroughs continued to revolutionize medicine. Diseases previously
pursued under a microscope are viewed today through
a much broader lens, wide enough to examine the
scope of patients’ experiences, genetic predisposition,
and access to care. Information and data
so vast and revealing, the result is targeted therapies and cures that our founders could
have only dreamed of. The vision embodied by the
first class of 18 students paved the way for
thousands more to follow. Pioneers all, physician
scientists devoted to research, clinical care, and educating
the next generation. And as our understanding
has grown, so has our reach. Collaborations in nearly 100 countries are fulfilling the destiny
set forth 125 years ago when Johns Hopkins committed to his vision of serving the community. Today, our community is the world. Congratulations on staying the course and providing hope for humanity. (light music)


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