12 Home Remedies To Cure Bad Breath Fast

12 Home Remedies To Cure Bad Breath Fast

baby yeah oh no there’s nothing worse
than being at a party or on an exciting date when you’re enjoying yourself
having a great time and suddenly oh no you realize you have bad breath having
bad breath can be hard to remedy on the spot unless you have a piece of gum or a
tic-tac handy not to mention it can be embarrassing worry not dear bestie
viewer we’ve got some great home remedies to cure your bad breath blues
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support our channel by watching this video until the end that breath is
caused by bacteria in your mouth and research says that poor dental hygiene
is one of the key things that leads to folks ending up with bad breath brushing
your teeth tongue flossing and using mouthwash are all great ways to maintain
a healthy mouth and gums and keep bacteria that can cause foul-smelling
breath at bay here are some ways to keep your breath fresh that you may not have
been aware of plain water this works in a pinch as we said earlier bad breath
can be caused by bacteria in your mouth so one way to combat that bacteria is
flushing it out of your mouth rinsing your mouth with clean water can be just
the thing to help freshen your breath after that garlicky lunch you just head
not to mention studies show that a dry mouth can also cause bad breath keep
yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and this will help your mouth
produce the bacteria rinsing saliva it needs to keep your breath smelling good
it may not be something that will keep your breath fresh for hours but it’s a
great quick fix when you need it parsley parsley isn’t just there for
decoration on top of your meal it can actually help to freshen your breath the
natural way parsley has a fresh smell and studies show that this plant can
help fight off the sulfur compounds that make breath smell bad
all you have to do is pop those green leaves into your mouth and chew it up
easy and effective fennel seeds this is an odd one for sure but studies show
that fennel seeds have antiseptic qualities that can combat those
halitosis causing bacteria and leave your mouths knowing much nicer just grab
a handful of these seeds chew em up and swallow eat something if you can eat
something especially some citrus like an orange or lemon that smells good
that will not only help mask the smell of bad breath but eating something
containing citric acid will encourage your mouth to produce saliva saliva
production will help flush out that bad bacteria causing bad breath as long as
you don’t eat something that can make your breath worse like onions garlic or
smelly cheese pineapple juice there’s a popular myth that pineapple juice can
help pregnant women go into labor faster and while that seems pretty powerful
there’s no real evidence to back it up however the power of pineapple juice
doesn’t seem to end there just like with the previous myth there’s no real
scientific evidence to back this one up it is said that pineapple juice can help
cure your breath quickly and effectively you can either drink a glass of
pineapple juice or eat a few slices of fresh pineapple and hopefully you’ll end
up with fresher smelling breath fresh basil green plants like the parsley we
mentioned earlier and basil have chlorophyll in them which is known to
neutralize bad odors like bad breath plus you can grow basil right at your
desk at work to give you fresh breath access when you need it and at a bit of
pizzazz to your food at lunch yogurt if you’re a regular here at bestie you’ll
know that certain types of yogurt are good for your gut and can promote good
bacteria well it turns out that yogurt can also combat bad bacteria to the
probiotics found in yogurt can help reduce the amount of bad bacteria found
in your mouth that cause bad breath cinnamon
cinnamon is a common flavor found in gum and can really help out when it comes to
curing bad breath the simplest way is to suck on a cinnamon stick cinnamon is an
antiseptic which can reduce the growth of bad bacteria that causes smelly
breath if you don’t have any sticks of cinnamon lying around you can mix about
a half tablespoon of cinnamon a tablespoon of honey and some lemon juice
together with hot water once the water has cooled slightly is still warm just
not hot enough to burn your mouth you can rinse your mouth with this mixture
and it should hold you over until you can get a mint or brush your teeth
green tea just like coffee green tea is a great way to get a boost of caffeine
in the morning to help wake you up unlike coffee green tea can actually
help get rid of bad breath there are also phytochemicals in green
tea that act as an antibacterial defense against those pesky bad breath causing
bacteria green tea is also known for its other great health benefits like the
catechins found in green tea which studies have shown our part of green
teas anti-cancer and antioxidant properties scrape your tongue this one
sounds kind of weird but it’s worth a shot if you’re looking to get rid of bad
breath in a hurry if you have a spoon around you can use it to scrape the
surface of your tongue a few times over bacteria can build up on your tongue as
well as in your mouth in general and getting rid of some of the build-up on
your tongue could help significantly reduce the bad breath bacteria scrape
the top and sides of your tongue about four or five times and then rinse your
mouth with water don’t skip lunch if you’re worried that whatever you’re
eating my cause bad breath it could be the fact that you’re not eating at all
just like when you’re dehydrated dry mouth can encourage unwanted bacteria to
grow which can in turn cause bad breath saliva helps to flush out this bad
bacteria and eating is something that tells your mouth to salivate homemade
mouthwash if you’re feeling conscious about your
bad breath and nothing seems to work you can always try making your own mouthwash
we’ve talked a lot about the power of baking
SOTA on this channel and here’s yet another way the magical powder can be
helpful sodium bicarbonate commonly known as baking soda can kill that
unwanted bacteria in the mouth that causes stinky breath
most major toothpaste brands actually use baking soda in their products
because it works so well to make this homemade remedy you can add two
teaspoons of baking soda – 1 cup of warm water rinse for 30 seconds just like you
would with regular mouth wash and rinse remember do not swallow this mixture as
ingesting large amounts of baking soda might make you feel ill if you don’t
have baking soda handy you can also substitute with apple cider vinegar just
like baking soda it’ll help neutralize the bad breath
causing bacteria because they don’t like growing in acidic environments use the
same recipe rinse and repeat if necessary bad breath can be
embarrassing but it’s not uncommon hopefully these quick and useful tips
can help you freshen your breath and a pinch if you find yourself without any
mint or gum close by remember good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups
will always be the best way to combat things like gum disease and tooth decay
which can be the root cause of things like bad breath do you have another way
to beat bad breath in a hurry did anything on this list surprise you why
not let us know your best home remedies to cure bad breath in the comment
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  • Some of my family members needs to see this video ASAP bc I'm praying that some of those remedies in the video would help cure some of bad dragon breathe. They be wondering why I don't come around.💩💩😷😨😂

  • Maria Dominicci says:

    Mix equal amounts of water and hydrogen peroxide 3% swish it around your mouth for about a minute or so. Also brushing your tongue makes a big difference.

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