100 People Tell Us the Drugs They’ve Done | Keep It 100 | Cut

100 People Tell Us the Drugs They’ve Done | Keep It 100 | Cut

– (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Everything, except for heroin, except for crack, and I guess that’s not everything, right? (ukulele music) – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? Shit! – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – I’m sorry? – Drugs? – What’s considered a drug? – Prescribed? – (Interviewer) Illegal. – You want a list? – (Interviewer) If you’re comfortable. – I’m not gonna incriminate
myself on the internet. I know better than that. – I can’t tell you! – Um, I’m not talking about it. – I have done illegal things, but I haven’t done any illegal drugs. I know I’m lame. – I’m pretty boring. – I’m afraid of losing control. – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? (laugh) – Uh, it’s easier to tell
you what I haven’t done. I haven’t done Ayahuasca. I’ve only done meth a
couple times accidentally. – I’ve done this really crazy one. Not many people have heard of it. It’s called Claritin. – I don’t think epidural counts. – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Alcohol. – (Interviewer) Ever? – That’s it. – Alcohol only. – Alcohol. – I guess alcohol’s considered a drug. – Alcohol, which isn’t a
drug, but then marijuana. – I’ve done marijuana. Done it? I dunno, smoked it? (laugh) – Just marijuana. – Marijuana. – Just weed. – Weed. – I’ve smoked weed, like, a couple times. – I am a regular weed smoker. – I smoke weed everyday. – (Interviewer) You’re high right now? – Mmm. A little bit, a little bit. – (Interviewer) No, I can tell. – Thanks. – I’m a little stoned. – (Interviewer) Are you high right now? – Oh, yeah, always. (giggles) Yeah. (giggles) – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Edibles, just weed. – I’ve misgaged the
strength of edibles before. – I ate maybe, like,
three or four of them. Big mistake. – I completely forgot
that it was an edible. – (Interviewer) And what happened? – All the sudden, I couldn’t stop smiling and my heart started beating super fast. – The room is spinning and I’m convinced I’m gonna die. – I was throwing up all night. – I was just in my head and so that’s when I realized that this isn’t quite for me. – I mean, I was on Cloud 9. We were both laughing so much. – I forgot where I was and I
was two blocks from my house. – I was high for, like, two days. – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Maybe like a mushroom. Just like, one mushroom. – Lots of mushrooms. – I’ve done mushrooms. – Shrooms is fun. – Mushrooms, I fuck with hard. – I take shrooms every
few months to, kind of, recenter and reground. – I’m a writer and that shit just have me
writing, writing, writing, but then I don’t remember where I put it. – And I put on weird clown makeup. – I was having vertigo. – I though I peed my pants. – I remember being like, what’s going on? Why’s everyone looking at me weird? And it was because urine
was trickling down my leg. – I remember having to poop really bad, but they were like no, no, no, no. It’s just acid poops. It’s fine. – (Interviewer) What’s the
trippiest experience you’ve had– – Oh, DMT. I was in the womb. I felt someone that didn’t want me there and then it turned bad into a face that started twisting in on itself. I just, like, counted
to 10 until I was back. – (Interviewer) Would you do it again? – Oh yeah. – I have taken Ecstasy. – Molly, Ecstasy. – Ecstasy and Molly. – I had a going away party. We were on Molly and we
were just dancing all night. – I threw up everywhere and then I ran outside into the snow to profess my love, naked. – My friend was washing clean dishes and we couldn’t stop laughing
and I couldn’t stop clapping. You know, it was like– (clapping hands) Yeah, yeah! – You know what Molly is? – (Person Off-Stage) No. – Good. – (Interviewer) Who were
you just talking to? – My daughter. – (Interviewer) You look
like you’ve done a lot. – I have not! – Me? I’m too young. (laughter) – I’m super clean. (snicker) – The only drug that I
tried once was cocaine. – Cocaine. – Cocaine. – Cocaine. – I try to stay away from blow. It’s too crazy for me. – I’ve done cocaine once. – Ketamine. That was a fun one. – (Interviewer) Horse tranquilizer? – Yeah! Why not? It was beautiful. – Salvia was kinda crazy. I was like, 16, in a car and the car swallowed me up, pretty much. – I smoked Altoids once. The sour ones. – (Interviewer) What’d that do for you? – It gave me a headache. – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Pfft. I’ve done Molly. I’ve done cocaine. I’ve done mushrooms. I’ve done poppers. End of list I’m comfortable sharing. – I took maybe more
than you are supposed to of the Oxy you get and maybe, not at a time when I needed em. – (Interviewer) Why’d you take them? – Why does anyone take drugs? To escape emotionally. – It helps me relax. – Sometimes it makes me laugh. – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Ecstasy. Adderall. – I thought I was gonna die
multiple times on Adderall so I got on my knees
and I started praying. I’m not religious. And I said, if I survive this mistake, I will dedicate my life to Jesus Christ. – (Interviewer) And have you? – No, I didn’t even do it for a second. – I did meth one time. It was like I opened a whole
different part of my brain, but the coming down off of that drug was the hardest time in my life. – Heroin. Don’t ever do that one. That one’s gross. Or Fentanyl! Don’t do that. – I’ve done blow. I’ve done Molly. I’ve done a form of meth, kind of. Mushrooms, acid,
oxy-cotton, muscle relaxers. (laugh) I accidentally smoked heroin one time. – (Interviewer) Are
you happy with how much you’ve experimented with drugs? – Yeah, I would say that I’m
happy that I experimented with psychedelics for myself, personally. The other stuff, that was kind of just dumb.


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