🌵How to Treat Dry VS Dehydrated Skin🌵Most Effective Skincare Routine + Tips for Both


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  • pomegranateorange says:

    Hello. For those who have de hydrated skin. Stop drinking lots of water. It wll not solve the problem as it most likely is due to your body lacking minerals; electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium. Stop coffee cola and chocolate.Stop sugar too. caffein dehydrates you Unless you have enough magnesium and potassium you can never really be hydrated because the body can not hold in to moisture unless there is enough minerals to soak and bind the water up! I know from experience. 4700mg of potassium and 300mg of magnesium a day is a must. Trust me. I know from experience

  • Tamazgha Tamsramt says:

    And what about those of us that have very dry, sensitive (not always but I do get sensitive skin half of the time especially around certain areas of my face) AND dehydrated skin?

    Some people also confuse me saying everyone (even with dry dehydrated skin) you should exfoliate daily or at least 4x a week.

    It is way to much for me!!! Even with special exfoliators for dry to very dry skin it will dry me out to much!

    So I usually exfoliate around 1-3x a week depending on how flaky or tight my skin feels. Some people will also tell me I should exfoliate only 1x every 2 weeks….

    Because it is starting to confuse me if I should focus mostly on my dehydration issue or the very dry skintype or both equally?

    I also have some few blackhead on my nose (not much) but you can definatly see them… 🙁

  • Tamazgha Tamsramt says:

    However I will start using far less salt in my food cause I am guilty of adding a little to much ( not extreme) but still a little to salty. Also is it true that drinks (mostly coffee) that contain caffeine will also make you loose more hydration or is this just a mythe?

    I only drink latte machiatto once a day sometimes decafe. But I don't think a latte would contain alot of caffeine now would it?

  • I love this so much! Thank you so much for educating me . No one has ever told me about skin care. Love that you guys are SO INFORMATIVE!!! Keep it up pls

  • This may be a dumb question but when do you put lotion on during this process? Or do you not since you’re already putting so much on your face? Ugh I’m so new at this

  • Kiara Medrano says:

    Ok so I have dry skin for sure, when I wear make up the zone is were I tend to produce more oils probably that's combination skin. But I'm definitely more dry skin and I do break out a lot I don't know if I have sensitive skin because if I wear a product I don't feel any burning, or notice a reaction so I'm all over the place

  • dehydrated skin: what works for me
    just wash your face only with cold water twice a day and drink a lot more everyday. try to replace every drink you have with water. don't put products on your face because cleansers can dry out your skin even more and creams just make your skin more oily. i've been there. also eat watery healthy foods like apples, watermelon, lettuce…
    remember, you will not see a huge change in like a week. don't believe what companies tell you. you have to be consistent for at least a month. that's just the truth. drink a lot of water and wash your face only with cold water twice a day. that's it!

  • I have super duper dehydrated skin! And this combo really helped A LOT. Here goes:
    1) Cleanser- Sothys Cleansing Gel
    2) Exfoliator- Boscia Gentle Exfoliating Peeling Gel
    3) Toner- Caudalie Vinopure Toner
    4) Essence- Caudalie Brightening Essence
    5) Serum- Estee Lauder Advance Night Serum
    6) Moisturizer – La Mer Soft Lotion Moisturizer
    7) Beauty Oil- Sunday Riley Luna

    And i alternate Alpha H Liquid Gold and Sunday Riley Good Genes on every other night


  • Caroline Paquier says:

    So to clarify……the way to avoid dry skin is to ………keep it moist? Wow…if only I'd thought of that.

  • I have a dry and dehydrated skin.. Is my skincare product is good for my skin or not cuz I didn’t see any different 🤣
    -Oil cleanser and cerave hydrating cleanser
    – Pixi Retinol tonic
    – Laneige White dew emulsion
    – Derma E vitamin c with hyaluronic acid serum
    – Clinique moisture surge moisturizer
    – Pixi Rose Oil blend

    Is that okay to combine retinol and vitamin c with hyaluronic acid? Tq

  • My skin just started becoming super dry in the last 2 years (after turning 23 – age?) when it used to be a combo of oily and dry. I actually prefer that it's 1 type and not both for less confusion but obviously wrinkles are the last thing I want early 🙁 will definitely be following your advice! Thanks ladies.

  • Yeah i have dehydrated skin too in certain areas i think because of using too harsh products at one time .. I am now trying to give it moisture (not oil) and using an exfoliator with bha, aha, pha and centella at night.. It seems to be working but takes time and im getting very small "zits" in those areas only sometimes after starting new routine but i think that means its purging those areas.. If i was breaking out it would create zits in areas where i normally dont have blemished skin i think.. So im gonna stick with this for now .. Im complaining over a small zit too so 😀 😀 Probably alot of other people have much more issues in terms of skin than me , but still..

  • Lucas Pedroso says:

    I have an oily t zone, normal u zone, and dry patches around my mouth! What products should I use? Especially what moisturizer?

  • I'm so confused… I hardly get any pimples or acne but I'm pretty sure I have dehydrated skin because I get oily on my nose but flaky skin everywhere else on my face especially after I wash my hair or smthn like that

  • Any advice for skin that's gone from super oily cystic-acne-prone to super dry post-accutane? It's been over a year and my skin still won't produce oil again :'( So I guess I'm dry skin now and also dehydrated skin? I try jojoba oil, rose hip oil, hyaluronic acid and I'm still flakey

  • This was very helpful for me. I don't have dry or dehydrated skin, but the part that explains what the products do was more informative for me than some other videos on the same topic. (I am a very visual person, so the little anatomy pictures helped me.)

  • How about sensitive combination skin? I have both dry and dehydrated skin. The two recommendation suits me, but don't know which one to start first.

  • This is the first video I don't cringe at seeing people's skin care routine. You guys actually patted the products on and tried to prevent from rubbing it too harshly. I see other channels and it makes me cringe at the fact that they're increasing the risk of wrinkles!😂. Also loved how you all showed different skin types rather than just one!

  • My skin’s like Felicia….. oily-dehydrated skin . I just found out recently. I always used products for oily skin . 😂 My skin’s also sensitive and have acnes since 11 /12 😭 L’Oréal Hydra Fresh Toner made my skin worse . Now I’m using Laneige Fresh Calming Toner and it works well for me but it didn’t do anything to acne so I apply Deriva-C Gel. I recently stopped using my sunscreen and moisturizer and my acne wasn’t as bad as it was. I use excess liquid from Innisfree mask as essence . I used Klaris Vitamin C for about 3/4 months and o think it doesn’t work for me. I used Neutrogena Oil-Free sensitive skin Moisturizer but didn’t like it. So can someone tell me the drugstore version of Felicia’s skincare routine ?😂

  • Siberius Wolf says:

    Makes sense. So I have dehydrated, very mildly oily, combination skin (that gets quite oily after days of not washing it, but that doesn't mean it's oily skin type, I now know). I'm also not as oily skinned as I thought, because the dehydration should produce a lot more counter-balance oil than it currently does, if I had oily skin. If my skin was more hydrated and used more appropriate products that are not for oily skin, then I imagine my skin would be a lot better and not get as oily as it does (since I'm currently overdoing it, which has a backfiring effect), which isn't that oily anyway, unless it's hotter and I don't wash it enough, but if I wash my face twice a day with the right stuff and routine, that wouldn't be a problem.

    That was tricky to get to the bottom of.

  • My dermatologist suggest do not use any toner on dry skin and also do not exfoliate that much and now im confused please help me😢😢😢

  • I'm a guy, but i think i have dry skin, i've never had break outs or acne or anything, but i also don't have wrinkles or lines and i'm in my 30s, but my mom told me that i'm going to age really bad because of dry skin so now i'm paranoid. Idk what to do.

  • I recently found out that I have oily dehydrated skin. I’m now changing skincare products and drinking more water in hopes that it helps

  • Ppl ask me how my skin looks as soft and smooth as it feels and they always ask what lotions I use. I always tell them it’s actually what I do in the shower that keeps it smooth and clear of dead dry skin. I use cloths that exfoliate and soaps and liquid soaps that exfoliate and moisturize. The lotion only preserves the work in the shower. From face to heels I exfoliate.

  • a lot of people are always telling me that the want my skin because i don’t have acne but what they don’t know is that i have super sensitive and dry skin which is awful 🥺 i can’t get tanned because it actually makes my skin damaged

  • Josephine Saah Oppong says:

    I am a fair dry skin type but I am losing my colour wat do I do to get an healthy skin and my colour

  • i have went through the years thinking i was dry then oily to combo now I'm thinking dehyrated…why is skincare so confusing! i have dry cheeks but i get oily when wearing makeup … i have acne. dont drink enough water so am i dehydrated?

  • I have dry skin on my bum, and I did the mistake to use a soap that dries out skin to prevent pimples. I now can't wash my bum or be in the shower for too long since water can dry out skin. I need to use a antibacterial lotion everyday.

  • I have moderate acne, and I have been to my doctor and they prescribed an acne treatment gel called epiduo. I had been using it for about 5 days and I was aware that there would be burning and dryness on my face, however my face got so dry that it was literally peeling off. I have completely changed my skincare routine and now my acne is clearing so fast and my skin is glowing! I am so happy with it! Even though I had to go through a bit of pain due to the epiduo, I am happy that I have continued use with it.

  • What do you think of silicones in general in these kind of products? For example, dimethicone. I heard that silicones are good to lock in moisture but because of that effect they also clog pores and the dirt in the skin, what do you think?

  • Just eat fruit. That hydrates skin. Be strict for a month and you'll feel superhuman by being practically immune to the sun, fully restful with less time needed for sleep, light and energized and not get sore from workouts.

  • Excuses, excuses says:

    I have dry skin and although I don’t get much acne my skin is so itchy. I’m still trying to find a good moisturiser from a drugstore. Anyone got any cheapish suggestions (I don’t have £50 to be spending on a moisturiser) 😂

  • Keishanna Michele says:

    Really great advice! I've been treating "dry skin" when what I truly have is dehydrated skin. I would used all the products for dry skin and was wondering why my face was an oily mess 😤

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