मोटापे का अंत  । Natural way to Fatloss । No Exercise, No Medicine । Motapa Kam Kare

मोटापे का अंत । Natural way to Fatloss । No Exercise, No Medicine । Motapa Kam Kare

Hello friends, I am Suman chauhan , welcome to my channel Health city I was getting many comments about the video i made about fatness Many people have doubt they are not clear about that In the live session I receive comments still not sure why people don’t notice that I get again same questions So i thought about video people don’t watch live session with much attention I want to clear all your doubts, want to cover everybody’s comment Today i will try to clear all the doubts about fatness . Let’s start I was getting comments if they don’t eat rice, bread they be weak How much to eat rice, bread what to do my tummy is fat Such comments coming KapalBhati will transform belly fat to slim What should they do I am going to answer these , before this i got a comment like i have forbidden to eat rice and bread But another mam says to eat rice, ghee and weight will reduce. He was asking me to watch that videos 2- 3 comments more came they too asked to follow, they say these other videos First, i want to answer these questions Look, what i have followed and I got benefited I will follow that why should I see that, example There are so many doctors in the world, they handle patients by their own way When I go to a doctor and being 100% benefited his treatment is working on me I am giving example not going to any doctor only telling for example If i get benefit 100% and will be further why should i leave him If someone tells to leave him and ask to go to someone else But if get 100% benefit I will take that medicine why I find to and fro If you are not getting benefit you can go somewhere else can try other medicines if you are not benefited But if you are benefited why to go to others Now talking about as was telling fatness reduces by eating ghee and rice I won’t totally confess that If you want to be slim you can try it out whether their weight is reducing or not I have done this so ,I won’t confess that Yes , who confess can eat , can eat easily Perhaps their weight reduces 2nd thing, you say without eating rice and bread , you are being weaker I told in that video So many people are already fat this way They somehow want to be slim I told it for them that you stop rice, bread for some days Thus ,our fat starts to reduce faster if we stop these Or if to go to a function or marriage is coming of a girl but she is fat and want to be slim within one month I told it for these people , You don’t watch my title look at there , written who to lose weight 15 kg in one month For them, not for everyone and for all, all people do many things many hard work women too do their domestic work If they stop eating rice, bread totally if they stop they will must lack energy I told for them Because , we make rice, bread in our house we can’t leave that If you eat 2 breads, eat one you can eat vegetables more vegetables mean green vegetables Keep protein high in diet and reduce Carbs Now, who work a lot must get hungry much then what we make in home we can not but eat that That’s why i told you if you eat 2 breads eat one now, and if 2 bowls or rice make it one , increase vegetables in your diet I meant to say increase protein and reduce carbohydrate what contain much starch in them like bread, potato , rice reduce all these You can know it yourself about protein If you want to reduce fat I told for them Stop ghee for some days, because this reduces fat faster The fat stored in our body when we work our body gets calorie from the fat , what stored in our body in a form of fat So if we stop starch food for some days our fat starts be reduced faster And whatever exercise we do like KAPALBHATI or any other exercises we start to get result faster But i said only for some days But like ghee Ghee is so important this too I told in a video Ghee is good, all need to eat But i have said If you want to reduce fat stop for 1- 2 months but start after that I have told this in my video you may go and watch But if someone doesn’t watch fully What can I do ? If you have doubts I have 3 -4 videos watch them and clear your doubts What to do , what not I have told them clearly No question should raise about what you should do Now I am telling something about me like how i started about my journey, how fat I was Some people think I had not much weight They say to give them photo Okay, what photos I have will give to you when I was reducing my weight had no plan about running a youtube channel So, the photos were not taken that way, to show my belly Yes, It shows my heavy face All I will show you, whatever is seen You will see whether I was fat or not And I am telling how I started my weight losing journey how I started When I was in college I felt my weight should be reduced my belly was too fat when I studied in college before marriage All called me fat Then I thought about reducing weight but i didn’t know what to do , what to eat and what not to I reduced eating bread I started eating 1 bread less Then , I would feel much hunger but that not create effect much Between these, I got married When I got married thought, people will think bride is too fat I thought , I need to do something I thought about leaving eating as it increases weight Then I was teaching, that time I thought I have to lose weight anyhow , what to do What I did, I used to yoga 30 to 45 minutes Before going to school used to take one cup of tea that is also small cup of tea and a biscuit with this I was determined to lose weight and with that what tiffin I carried to the school 2 chapati bread among them that is also so small not big in size small, thin generally for child I am telling 2 but was very small was like small and very thin 2 of them and one small bowl of vegetables There were teaches and all used to lunch there So, I had to carry , for formality like if they wouldn’t say take his one or that one better I carried Coming from there I will tell you like I used to eat not enough to fill my stomach If talking about ghee didn’t pour ghee totally in food, don’t know it was like a addiction Just need to reduce weight if someone gives some on bread then okay but I didn’t take myself In between these I used to eat fruits like orange, or sweet lemon these I ate I knew these don’t increase weight I avoided totally banana I avoided sugar too Used sugar for just for namesake used very little sugar in tea Any sweets came in home doesn’t matter where from it came I avoided that totally too I didn’t touch that don’t know , whenever I wanted to pick something stopped me from picking up as weight wouldn’t reduce this way and I kept that right way, I drunk boiled water 2 to 3 liters per day, I carried a 1 liter bottle to the school and drunk slowly when bottle water was over refilled it again, I had to drink 2 liters of water during teaching time All used to say what I carried in the bag I told these water Because none would carry much water in the school , they drunk little bit I had a rule during class time all time I used to walk never I taught sitting Because, I thought if I would sit my tummy would also come out like other teachers Because, I was determined to reduce my weight So , I stopped these Like barfi or rosgulla , Till long time I didn’t eat that It was like it was not in my mind that if I get these before me , still I could not eat If you avoid something for long time then your craze gets over for that food If you avoid Samosa, keep avoiding that later , you will not feel like eating them I was like the same If I would get sweets before me my mind was not up to eating I would eat Namkeen, biscuit just for namesake to finishing my tea. Only for that I would take only 1 biscuits or two a day I used to do work all well but at the time of eating my determination stopped me whatever that was stopped me and didn’t eat All in the school , brought smosa or others like toffee there were birthdays , they used to give me But I never eat that, I carried that home putting in my bag I used to give them to my family members Don’t know why, had determination to be slim My weight was near 60 kg, 59 to 60 usually after that I thought about my tummy That tummy , everyone has that noticeable but I wanted mine to be slim For that something I had to do My weight reached down to 45 , think how thin I was When I used to go from my husband’s house to my father’s house all used to ask what happened to me whether your In-laws don’t give enough food for me I was getting such comments I lost my weight such a way very very effective what I have told you After some days I realized my weight came in control I started all the things lightly like if sweets came in house took half of one piece , not like started devouring them My family used to tell me to eat much , they said this way I could not pass my all days Actually don’t pass thus a way, but yes, I ate in a limit, started ghee too half a rosgullah If barfi came from anywhere one barfi I ate a day two biscuits a day Kept a balance this way If I made rice ate that too little with more vegetables If I eat bread, I would eat half a bread less than I can And I will eat that chewing But yes If breakfast is done if I haven’t 3 glass of water means I take a time limit of 2- 3 hours till my drinking water what I need to drink Till then , I eat nothing I keep a gap I maintain the system of eating I have started all the things like ghee but in balance This I will tell you If you want to lose weight You have to stop these first exercise or Yoga with that Whatever you can do What you like I have told you all , what I do Yes, some go to the gym for hours they do many exercise do many heavy exercise For them , there is a special diet what to do and what not to That is something else For gym going people it is different , whether gents or ladies This diet is not for them This is for normal gents and ladies Friends , you must have understood now whatever doubts were in my videos, and all the comments were coming must have been cleared That’s it for today, see you in the next video Till then , bye bye and take care


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