अस्थमा (Asthma) 100℅ CURE

(Asthma) Hello friends. Myself Yogiansh Ramesh Chandra Bhargava, from Bhopal M.P. India. Today, on the topic of asthma / asthma, We will discuss point wise in 15 brief points. 1 If you want to be cured of asthma, start the Sanjeevani Kriya i.e. Until you become healthy. Enema (Sanjeevani Kriya) for accurate information of enema, You can watch our video serial number 4 called Unmatched Explanation. 2 In asthma / asthma, empty stomach vomit Greatly helps in throwing off the cough So what for you waiting!!! But before starting vomiting, watch Our VAMAN KRIYA “in NDS (Vomiting, vomiting, Kunjal, Gajkarani Kriya) video number 5 Be aware of all the precautions There will be a judicious and appropriate decision. 3 The next step is of food style. Today, whatever you are, wheather healthy or diseased? For all , 90 to 100% of your food style is responsible. So it is clear that the food style was wrong Which caused asthma and still is today. So the food style has to be changed completely. 4 In asthma, special attention should be paid to not eating instead of eating. Nirjala has to be done from 6 to 8 hours every morning. So how is this Muhurat? Apply immediately. For accurate information of Nirjala Called “FASTING-QUESTIONNAIRE (Fasting Questionnaire)” Our video number 6 can be seen. 5 In asthma Amla acts like a perfect brahmashakti from many perspectives. For effective use of amla after morning water, In the form of green juice, consume it with other green leaves by extracting its juice. Apart from this, only Amla juice and Amla powder can also be consumed in many ways. For their detailed information What do you call our “GREEN JUICE”? Why? When? What is “juice of green leaves”? Why? When? Called video number 7 And “Most effective way to consume Bael and Amla Fruit Watch video number 15 called “The most effective way to get Belfal and Amla.” 6 Natural milk, tea and milk products Attack directly on lungs. Therefore, people stop inhaler pump etc. within a week or ten due to a stop of consuming them. So what are you thinking about? Stop doing this too and see for yourself miracles. 4 If you want detailed information about milk and tea So you can see these videos of ours- Video number [10] “Milk is poisonous” It took me 54 yrs to know! It took me 54 years to learn that “milk is toxic”! Video Number [10-A] MILK-QUESTIONNAIRE “Milk Quiz” – Gaupalan, Goseva or Swarthsiddhi? (Episode 1) Video Number [10-B] “Milk” Conservative Arguments & Logical Answers (Episode-2) And video number [9] “Tea – Coffee” energy supplier, or deadly? “Tea – Coffee” provides energy, or fatal for humans ?? 8 In addition to dairy products, stop sugar and bakery products as well with complete effect. And then see how fast the profit will start coming. 9 According to your power, if you can stay on most raw diet, juice diet or waterless then you get the benefit quickly. But the emphasis should not be forcibly but only according to its ability, should proceed silently. 10 If you stay on rasahar for only one or more days, you get good results. Juice of any kind of juicy fruit and greens can be consumed. But the juices of pineapple and pineapple are very prompt in asthma. 11 Asthma is a disease of cold nature, so in the autumn Green juices, Amla juice, Gourd juice, Pomegranate, Lemon, Mousambi, Orange, Malta and Coconut water etc. Never warm the juices of cold nature, But for a very short period by shaking a glass of fresh juice in warm water It should be eaten lightly, around the body temperature, That is, one should not keep it in hot water for too long, only so that an accidental asthma attack can be avoided due to cold. For detailed information regarding Rasahar, you can check our video number [14] “JUICE DIET” Unique way to cure all diseases. “Rasahar” Unique remedy to be free from all diseases. Can watch the video called. 12 Consumption of food, cooked food of fire, it is best to stop it completely for some time. If you are having trouble with the diet and taste, then raw in the day and green vegetable soup once in the evening. Or boiled green vegetables can be consumed. For detailed information, you can view the feast-a-mouza of food cooked on fire in the evening of our video number 17 nds. 13 Whatever you eat in the food items mentioned above, Consume such a small amount that always hunger and emptiness appear in the stomach. This will help in asthma early. 14 If there is a situation of sewerage attack of asthma, do not lie down or sleep directly on your back immediately after eating. You can sit for 2 hours straight and then lie down or relax. 15 Dust, dust and smoke also have a major role in asthma. Therefore, to avoid smoking and covering your mouth completely from the habit of sleeping, as much as possible to avoid smoke and dust inside and outside the house. should try. As well as your personal vehicle, wearing, muffling, laying clothes, blankets, quilts, mattresses, curtains, sofasets, almirahs, Cleaning and dusting of all corners of the house, including windows and doors, should be done from time to time. Because these are also the factors that often play an important role in the role of lung for transplanting and nurturing asthma. So friends, implement these 15 points honestly, Forget asthma and asthma, they provide tremendous benefits in lung cancer and lung fibrosis. Friends, if you like our videos, do not forget to subscribe and share our YouTube channel. Also, click the bell icon for letest updates. Watch our videos in full, after which if questions arise in your mind, then you can WhatsApp us on number 9111589111. Please enter your experiences in the comments box of the video, so that other people in the whole world can also be informed by your opinion. Thanks a lot. Greetings.


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