Сова Ёль принимает лекарства. Все пальцы целы

Huh. That’s the way it is? 60 FPS camera doesn’t work well in such low lighting. Too much “noise”. Yeah, Yoll agrees with me. Look, Yoll… Picture gets focused out. And if I’m shooting like this, it’s also not focussed. Video stabilization is on, maybe that’s the reason?.. Listen, owl. You’re still wheezing, but at least you don’t cough anymore after hooting. Well, yeah. I’ll prepare your medicine in a moment, and we’ll start our running Right? I’ll try to shoot how Yoll gets her medicine, and why this way and not the other. Not sure I’ll get it right. If you’re watching this, I might have pulled this off But if you aren’t… Then everything is bad, everybody dead. Actually not everybody, just me 🙂 This is an antibiotic, prescribed after test results (bacterial inoculation and antibiotic tolerance). And here I have a disassembled capsule with an anti-fungal agent I give it to Yoll once per day, antibiotics twice per day. Sadly, I can’t feed Yoll with the pill itself, because our owl is strange – she manages to detect even small parts from capsule, poured into quail’s skull. And after she detected them once, she started tearing quail’s heads off and throwing them out. Not quails, but their heads, and not eating them. So now I’ll crumb it. Here is half a pill crumbed into fine, fine powder. Now I’ll add some water Doesn’t matter how much, but it’s important for every drop to get into owl’s mouth. [screeching] Here, just about as much. Around 2 millilitres will be enough. The nose-piece on the syringe is a segment of silicon tube from IV system just attached to the tip of syringe. It’s designed to be inserted deeply into the owl 🙂 and to infuse medicine, without owl spitting it out as much, because she spits a lot. The medicine has an awful scent, I’m nauseous just by the smell itself. Can’t imagine how it can be taken. However, I think, that by pouring the medicine directly into her throat she doesn’t feel any taste of it. Sucking in the liquid… It would be faster if I used both hands. Here it is, the potion we’ve cooked up. It’s evening now, but in the morning I will also add crumbs of anti-fungal agent from capsule. Because that’s also the only way for Yoll to take it. He-ey, Owl! Yeah. She already knows what syringe looks like, and if I have a glove in my hand, she also knows what awaits her Here the fun part begins, I just don’t know where to put my phone in order not to explode it accidentally Yes, Owl? These stains on the window glass are medicines spat out by Yoll when she starts shaking her head, resists and spits it out. Everything in this room has these stains Right, Owl? I just need to figure out where to put my phone, and we’ll start our execution. I’ll setup it this way, can’t know if picture will be focused Don’t know anything. I’ll put on… [owl starts hissing] … yes, glove, and will commence catching Yoll. She knows what awaits her, it’ll be a… Maybe you’ll be a good girl on camera? No, no, stop… Get back here. She is flying all over the room… and she knows I’m trying to corner her. Come on. Come here. Here you are. Good girl. Come here. It’s al over, don’t spit it out. Stop. Well here it is, we made it. The owl took her medicine and almost didn’t spit anything, here is an empty syringe. Don’t know if it was recorded, but that’s how we do it twice a day. Right. Yes, owl? Say: “It’s disgusting!”. “It’s animal cruelty!” Silly owl, are you ok? That’s my finger. She is much more tolerant to my fingers, when they are not in that green glove. She doesn’t feel any grudge, well, almost doesn’t, but when seeing the glove and syringe she gets mad and starts runnin’. Owl? Do you realize?.. The mess?… Well, she’s disgusted by it. Won’t say anything, huh? I’m touching your leg. Yes. Look right there, you are being recorded there too U-huh Do you see? Don’t know if anything was recorded there. Oh, you are looking great in that second camera. “You are shown here and there, look!” [It’s a reference to famous soviet cartoon] While I have 2 phones, I can have a little fun. Yes? Or do you want to spin? Oi, shark fell off. And you were stuck… between the benches. Now, you can start spinning. By the way, we can test the camera focus. oi-oi I need to put the extra bench somewhere. This is the camera mode with general focus. I’m still testing and learning the new features. What if…? I just use this?… Yes, the picture is not focused. Yes, Yoll. Good owl. Give me your paws. Oh, Murlock just came in. Summing it up, that’s how we take medicines Why I don’t give it (hide it) with mice? As I said, she manages to find meds in every piece of meat, and if there is a pill she just nibbles around and doesn’t touch it. If pill can’t be nibbled around, and it’s dissolved in a liquid within meat, she just won’t eat it, and will rebel, growing thin. Or if I force the pill into her with meat, she will vomit everything out, by doing the same motions as when spitting out a pellet. As a result, everything is thrown out. As you see, the only way is to pour the medicine into her throat. I tried wraping her in the shroud, but she bites my hands and starts resisting. The only way is to grab her beak with my fingers, by inserting a finger between the halves of her beak She can’t bite me then, because im holding beak from both sides. Then I push a syringe with catheter into her throat and pour the medicine inside. By the way, this method also works for cats, crows and etcetera. That’s all, folks. Our life is hard. Sick owls are dangerous. Murlock, you’ve already been there, and then came back. Ok, go. Our owl is very tricky. Small owls are easier to look after – just wrap them and feed them with anything Yoll’s ability to find any alien objects in her food is just… Don’t know how she does this, maybe she has powerful receptors? Because she manages to find even those gelatin pills, that don’t have any taste. She just nibbles around and leaves them. I’ve spent too much money on her medicines when she just threw them out, those expensive pills, and naturally, they couldn’t be used again Yeah… Ass, yes, you’re an ass. Ass owl. That cannot be treated normally. [hoot-hoot] Uhu. Yeah.


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