Сова – сколько вешать в граммах? Мышечная масса в Ёлке

– Yoll
– U-Hoo! U-Hoo She don’t want it U-Hoo? Yoll – Say it
– U-Hoo!
– Where are you? There she is I will try to shoot a video about how I weigh Yoll at home. Murlock gonna help me.
What are you doing, cat? Don’t touch it We’ll need it Let’s focus on this thing, this hellish construction Now Yoll will probably rush around the room again Because she thinks I’ve conceived something insidious For example, taking medication, although she has already took medication Yoll, you’re coming? (*sounds of possessed teapot*)
Oh-oh-oh Easy, easy, don’t jump Need to turn it on Come on U-hoo! That was first one U-Hoo! It was attempt number one Yoll, sit down, here Hold on Ah 3,147 kg, remember!
(*6,93 pounds if in your country only heretics use kilograms*) At the last weigh-in, she weighed 3.1 kg. (6,84 pounds) That is, she gained almost 50 grams, right? Owl That’s it Look, not scary and not painful Nobody makes you eat anything, right? Come on, get off Give me your paws Or will you go like that? Let me take you like that U-hoo! Excellent Ordinary kitchen scales and such a device so that Yoll can stay on it Good girl, owl Today was a record On the second attempt Last time I chased her for about 10 minutes, right? 3, 147 (kg), did you remember that? We’ll watch how new medicines works on you (*Gnus says “hello Youtubes!”*)
She wheezes a little – U-Hoo!
– When she’s angry Now she stopped wheezing. She wheezes at first, then stops. -Meow?
– Now we give her expectorant medicines – Meow?
– And new antibiotic – Meow!
– we’ve started it – Which will…
– Meow? treat her for infection Here That is, from the pathogen that caused the infection. We found out what this infection is. Now we’ll treat it I specifically do not say what kind of infection is there, so as not to get extra tips And so that other people do not read these tips and do not try to treat their animals according to them This is a necessary security measure. That’s all, as long as everything is stable. Yoll almost gained her normal weight Murlochek You can’t wait, right? Everybody need to hear you Go She almost returned her weight, she continues to eat well We’ll see how she will respond to a new antibiotic Right? Uhookhnya
(*Once again, by this non-existent word Nika means the creature that makes the sound “U-hoo”*) She also drinks hepatoprotectors And other supporting medications


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