Black Licorice: Trick or Treat

This Halloween, don’t get tricked into eating too much black licorice. This candy contains glycyrrihizin, a sweetening compound, that can cause potassium levels in the body to fall. Some people experience an abnormal heart beat, high blood pressure, swelling, lethargy, or congestive heart failure. Remember: Don’t eat large amounts of black licorice at one time. If you have […]

11 Powerful Native American Medicinal Cures

One Native American tribe named Cherokee, which lives in the southeast part of the U.S, believed that the Almighty Creator gave them a gift of preserving and understanding medical plants. They believed a lot in the healing properties of the natural medical herbs. They gathered the plants with a special technique, picking every third plant they found because, […]

Former Daewoo Group Chairman, Kim Woo-choong, dies at 82

former table group chairman kim woo-jing died on Monday after struggle with chronic disease now his life saw the highest of highs and the lowest of lows from extraordinary business success to being sentenced to over eight years behind bars over embezzlement and accounting fraud our kim eun-sun reports former Te’o group chairman kim woo-jing passed away late […]

Сова – сколько вешать в граммах? Мышечная масса в Ёлке

– Yoll – U-Hoo! U-Hoo She don’t want it U-Hoo? Yoll – Say it – U-Hoo! – Where are you? There she is I will try to shoot a video about how I weigh Yoll at home. Murlock gonna help me. What are you doing, cat? Don’t touch it We’ll need it Let’s focus on this thing, this […]

HOME REMEDY TO CURE LOW BLOOD PRESSURE II निम्न रक्त चाप का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to healthcare at home. Due to low blood pressure many people get dizziness. If you know any person who has low blood pressure and get unconscious due to low blood pressure. So what you have to do is, try this simple home remedy. Take green goose berry and extract its juice. Take two teaspoon goose berry juice […]

How to Cure Hemorrhoids : How to Make a Sitz Bath to Cure Hemorrhoids

Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf of expert village I’m going to talk to you today about hemorrhoids. Now in this clip I’m going to show you one of the ways that is most commonly recommended to alleviate some of the pain of hemorrhoids and that’s called a sitz bath. Now, what I have […]

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