Religious Studies college course subjects

Religious Studies college course subjects

Religious studies majors learn about the nature of religious belief and traditions. Courses focus on specific religions such as Hinduism, academic fields used to.
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A major in Religious Studies consists of twelve courses, including one introductory course and a two-quarter senior seminar. It is preferable that students consult. Around the globe, it is and has been for two millennia a source of culture, law, Religious Studies college course subjects, and faith. This program may accept a BA paper or project used to satisfy the same requirement in another major if certain conditions are met and with the consent of the other program. How these texts succeed in their scrutiny of human power and societal arrangements through attention to narrative artistry and poetic force, and condemnation of injustice. Instructor s : O. Histories of Japanese Religion. We will investigate the development of the text in India, study its contents, and consider its later reception in East Asia.

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The major letters written by Paul, the Apostle, and his biography, Acts of the Apostles. Students and the Director of Undergraduate Studies will work together to create a program of study. Study of engagements between Hindu and Muslim traditions in South Asia from medieval to modern times. As we will see, these manuscripts call into question the assumptions of traditional textual scholarship and pose new problems that are still being debated. Since nearly every society has some form of theological belief system, the options are exhaustive. Sources include the history of first-century Judaism and Christianity.
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