Fashion Design what is a major

Fashion Design what is a major

Western Michigan University's fashion design major prepares students for careers in apparel and soft goods design and development, and requires completion.
Skip to main content . Perhaps you should pursue a degree in Fashion Design at the University of North Texas. Check out our annual UNT Fashion Design Program LookBook which showcases student work and is available for purchase.
Undergraduate Programs┬╗ Fashion Design The BFA in Design with a concentration in Fashion Design provides students with an overview of the fashion.
Fashion Design what is a major

Fashion Design what is a major - course, your

An overview of the fashion industry, including the design, production, evaluation, distribution, marketing, consumption, conservation, and discarding of textiles, clothing, accessories, and home furnishings within the United States and abroad and related careers. Read our advice on how to choose the right university for you. Students create flat patterns from sketches and produce completed garments with an emphasis on fit. Commercial and Advertising Art. Prerequisite s : Two courses in psychology, sociology, or anthropology. Field Studies at Leading Companies. Prerequisite s : Junior or senior status and consent of instructor. The course provides an understanding of the Great Depression, the Second World War, the Cold War, Americas eventual emergence as the worlds only superpower, and the interrelation of all these factors. Students examine cultural, social, and historical events and analyze their effect on the history of costume and apparel, including the influence of historical costume on fashion today. Is Fashion the right major for you? Design Your Own Career Path. Your browser is obsolete.

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Fashion Merchandising and Design Society. Discover top fashion schools around the world. College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. Click here to log-in! This course introduces students to industry sewing techniques with an emphasis on operating the power sewing machine.

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