Occupational Therapy lecture classes in college subjects

Occupational Therapy lecture classes in college subjects

Hawkeye Community College's Occupational Therapy Assistant AAS course descriptions. Lecture Hours: 48 Lab Hours: 32. Course Cost.
This graduate course in occupational therapy is the first integrative seminar in a Through lecture and participatory activities, students will investigate aspects of.
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Psychosocial frames of reference and evaluation methods are introduced. Fieldwork Manual Companion Forms. Occupational Performance for Psychosocial Practice I Lab. Prerequisite s : Admission to Phase II of the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. Note that this information may change at any time. Bachelor of Science in Cardiovascular Perfusion. Prevention and Education Services. The developmental mastery of performance skills impacting childhood occupations as well as the pediatric disorders most frequently treated in practice will be studied. Signs and symptoms related to various pathological conditions affecting the nervous system are emphasized and students are expected to correlate the clinical manifestations with the anatomical location of the pathology. Students will gain a better understanding of the relationship between individuals and society, as well as the experiences of minority groups.

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Includes instruction in the responsibilities a COTA has in the areas of documentation, record keeping, service operations, research, and safety and infection control. The lab is designed to promote knowledge and acquisition of skills and attitudes necessary for the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework process of evaluation, intervention and outcome as it relates to cognitive-perceptual dysfunction, specifically for clients who have sustained a traumatic brain injury TBI. Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. Occupational Performance for Geriatrics. Emphasis is placed on the application of the OT Practice Framework in the development of intervention targeting ADL and IADL. Emphasizes further development of documentation skills. The course addresses the contexts of the health care and other delivery systems e. Harlem Shake -- WMU-Grand Rapids Occupational Therapy Class of 2013

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