Liberal Arts best majors for the future

Liberal Arts best majors for the future

Some liberal arts majors don't have a specific career in mind when they choose their major, but some do. Many future lawyers, for example, study the liberal arts.
Prompted by Johnson, he then made a bold proclamation about the types of skills and majors that will dominate in his version of the future labor.
If history is any guide, specialized degrees have their risks, But if that's an argument in favor of a liberal arts degree, it's hardly a straightforward one. in some cases, rethink their criteria—to find the best candidates. As the.

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Liberal Arts best majors for the future Archaeology help on essay
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Liberal Arts best majors for the future

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As a dean—and as a parent—I am interested in the long-term prospects for our students. Alternately, while studying biology, a student may discover a passion for working in a laboratory. CUBAN: Don't go to school for finance — liberal arts is the future. According to Michael Zimmerman, provost at Evergreen State College WA , the AACU report also notes that at their peak earning ages, liberal arts majors bring home larger paychecks than professional majors. Rigorous philosophical discussions teach us to develop and defend positions. Terms of Service , Privacy Policy , and. At the Intersection of Liberal Arts and STEM: Best College Major

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