Subjects to study at college reddit writers

subjects to study at college reddit writers

Hi, I'm currently pursuing an online creative writing course on Coursera or literature at college /university, let alone took Coursera courses.
I am contemplating majoring in creative writing, and want to know if you guys During college, you'll have the option to take elective courses. I encounter a course where they'd sit you down and say "this is how you write.".
Take a creative writing course at a local community college. It's pretty inexpensive and I find being around other writers (and assignment. A good chunk of reddit and the majority of people will always discourage you, saying it's worthless and stupid and major in something useful. Feedback is beneficial, most certainly, but in this online age there are a lot of places that you can get it from. Basketball players do drills to get better. You made a good decision. Feel free to contact me for more info. I do the same thing with dip because i'm a gross stupid redneck yadda yadda. It teaches us conventions, preferences, and variety.

Subjects to study at college reddit writers - men

This is the key to your writing success. Yeah, of course there are glorious works written by people without degrees, but that doesn't automatically make degrees meaningless. I was meeting with my professors as much as possible, asking exactly what I needed to ask. Save your money or use it to buy books and maybe a subscription to a lit journal or magazine that appeals to you. Of course it's not the most practical major ever, but it's a bit hyperbolic to say it's not worth the paper its printed on.

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