Equine Studies collage cources

Equine Studies collage cources

At SCAD, we celebrate all things equine through an advanced equestrian studies degree. With gorgeous facilities, a mild climate perfectly suited to riding.
Resources regarding our Equine Science degree option in Animal Biotechnology.
The only four-year Equine Science program in the entire State of Illinois, The Equine Science degree at SIU gives students the ability to gain an hands-on.

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Some students pursue careers as breeders, equine scientists, equine managers, coaches, or equine veterinarians. Some people never outgrow their childhood passion for horses. Also feel free to contact the Coordinator of Student Recruitment for the College of Agricultural Sciences:. School of Liberal Arts. Mary of the Woods, IN. These are exactly the types of people who thrive when they major in equestrian or equine studies. Minor in Equine Business Management. Explore related programs such as luxury and fashion management, accessory design, photography, and more to supplement your equestrian studies with a dual major or minor. For Scholarship information see:. Perform safe horse handling techniques. Use this site as a tool to narrow down the list of schools that you feel are best suited to your needs, then do your own research on those schools by visiting their web sites, Equine Studies collage cources, requesting information from them about their programs, visiting their campuses, and talking to people who have been through their programs. Equine Studies collage cources Equine Science & Equestrian Program at Ottterbein University

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