Hardest college subjects reddit process my papers

hardest college subjects reddit process my papers

[Serious] Reddit, what's the hardest truth you've ever had to accept? . In my college Marine Biology course we were allowed to bring any notes we rules (and the integration/derivation process) into something clean, tidy, and .. I just turned my paper about 15 degrees and wrote without raising my pencil.
I lived with 7 of my best friends in a house for 3 years in college. .. have a ton of homework whereas most English courses have tons of papers and essays. .. The process of writing reinforces what you've learned at your.
Statistics was my hardest class, because the professor evidently .. I got a D in college algebra, which was the lowest math class my .. Yeah writing 100 pages papers in a 101 level course is what made the class so difficult. Missing: process.

Hardest college subjects reddit process my papers - you read

In high school, you're cared for by your parents, family. My favorite story in that class is that he was doing a diagram on the board and made the kind of mistake he would take off all of our points for, some kid walked up, wrote a big F on the board, flicked him off and dropped the class. Professor let me go with a C. No idea how I stayed awake. Not mid-class smoke breaks though, mid-class smoke breaks aren't cool. Post college is a lot of fun. Memorize what happens in each mechanism.
I'll never forget that guy. Nowhere else will you see people so happy to not get anything for their money. The entire textbook was just proofs. None of these gave me a problem like the intro to Comp Sci. At my school the people who aren't in advanced math take Algebra II in their junior year of high school. It was a large room with single-seater cubicle desks so if you and another person needed to watch a film at the same time, it wasn't really feasible to watch it together. The professor's method of teaching was to read from a powerpoint that was basically ripped right out of the book. Top 15 SCARY HORROR STORIES hardest college subjects reddit process my papers

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