Geology college majors that get jobs

Geology college majors that get jobs

Geology is a degree for people with all kinds of interests, looking to get into lots different careers that geology majors can hold, all with skills learned from this one Mining Companies; Energy Consulting Agencies; Universities ; Federal and.
Explore geology studies and whether it's the right major for you. Learn how to find schools and universities with strong programs for this major.
I love geology so much, but if I could do it over again I would never major in it in .. If a PG is the golden ticket to get a job, then colleges are doing a lousy job at. After reading most of these posts you'd think it's miserable to be a Geologist. It's semi-related to some courses I took in college and I like it. How this major affects a job search Sorry, Shmoopers, but after graduating from college, you've got to find a job. I'll post my e-mail address once you respond. The good news, however, is that majoring in geology will give you a pretty good chance of making it out there in the real world—more of a chance than a lot of other majors. Three of the top four include geologists, meterologists etc, environment professionals and civil engineers. I moved from the US to Australia for a job logging core with coal seam gas exploration, and hope it is just a stepping stone, Geology college majors that get jobs.

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But I focused on passing the ASBOG and California Supplemental exam, got my PG license, and the work won't stop coming in. Most jobs allow fieldwork, where workers do hands-on work in research and analysis, which works well for those who like non-traditional jobs, where. I am the first one the Company man calls to get answers or to chew my ass for my telling a geologist too much drilling information. For example, a landfill that's near a fault line might not be the best place to build a skyscraper. Who Hires Geology Majors? Mudlogging was probably the only way a non-graduate degree individual can become a Geologist with a production company. Everyone have fun doing whatever.
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